Article: 5 great sessions from EX India 2022

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5 great sessions from EX India 2022

From incisive keynotes to deep dive power panels, here are five conversations that brought forth great insights at People Matters's first hybrid conference of 2022.
5 great sessions from EX India 2022

People Matters EX India Conference 2022 brought many fascinating and insightful sessions on the evolution of employee experience and how companies can better shape their workplaces to match the employee expectations of today.

With so many amazing speakers, it's very hard to name our favourites, but here are five great sessions that all audiences can enjoy. In the order they appeared on the day's agenda:

Ben Whitter's keynote on the Great Power Shift

This keynote, virtually delivered from London, strongly reiterated what organisations need to do to remain at the forefront of EX – specifically, the importance of keeping the workplace human. The founder and Chief Experience Officer at human and employee experience company HEX Organisation, Whitter pointed out that the pandemic has greatly accelerated today's human experience of the workplace. People's expectations have changed after the last two years; they want freedom, flexibility, a more personal experience of work, and they want alignment between their personal values – which are ultimately human-centric values – and the values of the organisation.


Ramping up EX with VMware's India head and Zoomcar's CEO

In this conversation, Nirmal NR, CEO India at Zoomcar, and Ramkumar Narayanan, VP Technology & MD, India at VMware, took the stage to discuss how to create profound purpose and essentially human-centric experiences in the workplace. They shared candid pointers about the large and small actions that make a difference to employees, and how to cope with the changing work environment on various levels.

“Let's be part of the solution instead of expecting someone else to solve it for you,” Ramkumar said of the path forward.

And Nirmal advised: “Let's put a lot more heart into it, make it more interesting for people, help them understand the purpose.”

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Fireside chat with Infosys's Krish Shankar

Krish Shankar, Group Head of Human Resources at Infosys and the author of bestselling book ‘Catalyse – Power Up your People Ecosystem’, shared the principles, steps, and procedures that have worked in shaping EX. In this chat with People Matters CEO Ester Martinez, he talked about how to move past legacy jargon to try new approaches, turning the differentiating factors of an organisation's culture into opportunities, the major elements of engagement, and more.

“If you want to change any culture, you need leaders to lead in front,” he commented about the process of shifting experience and engagement.


Nasdaq and Razorpay leaders on keeping creative talent happy

A power panel with Smitha Krishnamurthy, Head of APAC - HR Business Partners & Talent Acquisition at Nasdaq, and Chitbhanu Nagri, Senior Vice President of People Operations at Razorpay, discussed the workplace practices both old and new that motivate and encourage a creative workforce. Moderated by Namrata Gill Tyagi, Vice President of Human Resources at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, the conversation covered the shape of a pro-creativity culture and the degree to which purpose and processes must account for the nature of creative talent, among other key points.

“If you look at conventional ways of retaining top talent, that's not going to work. You have to listen to them over the talent life cycle,” said Chitbhanu.

And Smitha said ,”Ask your employees, how can we help you? What are the things we can do for you? That's how you can build the creativity into the organisation.”


Mega keynote on personal growth by Danny Bader

Before we can care for others, we must care for ourselves, and that means investing in personal growth. In this virtual mega keynote rounding off the conference, inspirational speaker Danny Bader described the factors that contribute to personal growth – from simple surface opportunities to disconnect, to the deeper ability to recognise and manage our own mental attitudes and predispositions. An understanding of ourselves and our own needs is the foundation upon which to understand other people and their needs.


Stay tuned for our full coverage of EX India sessions over the next few days!

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