Article: People & innovation are at the core of TomTom’s success

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People & innovation are at the core of TomTom’s success

In an exclusive interview with People Matters, Arne-Christian van der Tang, SVP - Group Human Resources at TomTom narrates the organizations transformation journey, the companys continued focus on diversification & how HR is customizing employee experiences
People & innovation are at the core of TomTom’s success

We decided to have product teams who had end-to-end responsibility for a particular product & this included everything from product management, creation & development, to selling and marketing it


We have a team of six marketeers who work with the HR team on establishing our employer brand internally and externally

Arne-Christian van der Tang heads the HR function for the TomTom group, a $1 billion-plus Dutch company that providesconsumer, automotive, navigation, and mapping solutions. Van der Tang has been credited to have secured significant investments in HR to execute large-scale change management.  TomTom has recently adopted Workdayís HCM solutions for its HR & talent management operations. Product companies have undergone massive transformation due to the technological advancements happening in the industry. How has TomTom transformed to keep pace with the industry? What has been your transformation journey like? TomTom started as a software company back in 1991 and in our 25 years of operation, we have diversified and transformed many times. We started with developing software for B2B mobile applications and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) for consumers. We have since thendiversified into other avenues – navigation software, software for organizers, etc. – ...
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