Article: The One Thing #10: Employee Engagement

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The One Thing #10: Employee Engagement

It is important to make sure that employees are motivated and engaged to achieve the business targets, says R. Krishnan
The One Thing #10: Employee Engagement

We need to identify if employees are motivated enough to perform the given assignments and if there is a need to upgrade skills for this individual to perform it

The business context is very volatile and opportunities are shrinking day by day. Organizations will undergo challenging times and unless people are motivated and engaged they will not be able to succeed. If I were to choose just one thing that HR leaders should focus on, it would be keeping employees motivated and engaged with the business plans. This is important both in the private sector and the public sector companies, but PSUs are governed by government rules so we don’t have all the levers that private sector companies have. It is no longer about customer satisfaction, it is about customer delight. There is tremendous pressure to achieve targets within the given timeframes. So, when you are working in a highly competitive environment where customers have multiple options, only a highly engaged and motivated team can bring the level of commitment that the customer expects. In 2014, we are embarking on an exercise to assess the competency levels of our leadership team. We ...
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