Article: The One Thing #2: Be a Talent Magnet

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The One Thing #2: Be a Talent Magnet

Nurturing a people-focused workplace is good for the bottom line
The One Thing #2: Be a Talent Magnet

Becoming a talent magnet requires a more genuine focus on developing, appreciating and rewarding employees because leaders understand the role employees play in their overall success

Finding, developing and hanging onto enough of the qualified, quality people you need to keep your company thriving in an increasingly competitive, global economy may be something you’re dealing with today. If not, it’s a good bet you’ll be dealing with it at some point in the not-too distant future, as a recent survey found that 61 per cent of Indian organizations couldn’t hire people with the right skills due to talent shortages. Talent shortage or not, there’s no shortage of advice floating around about the best systems, software and social media tools for finding top prospects and those ever-elusive passive candidates. None of it’s going to do any good if you’re basing your workforce-building strategies on salaries and stock options alone. Winning over prospective new hires and making full use of their skills and experience to help your company succeed takes more than money. Instead, it’s about your values and mission, and the opport...
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