Article: UKG InTouch DX: Innovative timeclock for the modern workforce

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UKG InTouch DX: Innovative timeclock for the modern workforce

Discover a state-of-the-art workforce management tool ready for use – right out of your pocket
UKG InTouch DX:  Innovative timeclock for the modern workforce

In the era of hybrid work, the biggest challenge that employers face is balancing the needs of the entire workforce – whether their team members operate from their desk or brave the frontlines. 

Different segments of the workforce come to work with different expectations of support.

The missing piece to the employee engagement puzzle

Designing the modern-day employee experience, however, is no longer just a matter of juggling multiple tools in the hopes of discovering which ones will work best for whom. Now it’s about finding smart solutions that work well for everyone regardless of their employees’ location, shift or role.

That’s the advantage of relying on purpose-built technology that evolves with the needs of a diverse and distributed workforce. Organizations today know the value of keeping everyone on track with their tasks and keeping them connected and engaged with the wider team. 

Oftentimes, however, there’s a missing piece to this employee engagement puzzle. That is, having people-centric technology that is responsive and easy to navigate in their everyday work. 

Take, for instance, the challenge of managing the schedule and requirements of various teams across multiple locations. The age-old method of punching time cards may have evolved into swiping electronic ones. But, today, with more organizations managing distributed teams and lending greater support to frontline and field workers, employers are witnessing another monumental shift.

People-first organizations are relying increasingly on enterprise tools inspired by the best names in consumer electronics. 

There’s no better example of this modern trend than the sleek UKG InTouch DX, celebrated by leading firms as the “reimagined timeclock experience for the modern workforce”.

In a word, this state-of-the-art workforce management device is like having all of your digital work tools personalized and ready for use, right out of your pocket.

All-in-one app for employees on the go

Built with a 7” capacitive touchscreen with a VGA full-color LCD, the InTouch DX resembles the form factor of some of the world’s best mobile devices.

For frontline employees with limited access to desktop tools and applications, the device serves as an all-in-one “kiosk” for them to perform self-service transactions. The software also enables employees to play videos and exchange messages with managers and colleagues.

They can also view their schedule, request changes, track leave balances, apply for leave, monitor payable overtime, allowances and deductions, and receive alerts.

The InTouch DX isn’t your traditional time-tracking device, however. It offers the latest in intelligent design and harnesses the power of biometric features such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, along with MiFare and HID Card Readers and a Barcode Reader. These form part of its suite of comprehensive attendance capture tools.

Equipped with a powerful processor, the InTouch DX captures punches accurately, allowing it to detect erroneous, unauthorized and multiple punches by employees.

Another world-class product from UKG

The InTouch DX also works seamlessly with the array of world-class workforce management tools from UKG, to ensure accurate timekeeping, collaborative scheduling, regulatory compliance, and real-time access to the latest employee data. 

'Most of the HR tech we have today is basically focused on improving the experience for the already savvy IT user. With Intouch DX, we have tried to bridge the gap for the larger workforce , whether they are your factory employee, retail staff or contract worker. Now information that matters to them can be accessible with an easy to use technology where their face is their login and password. We expect this to drive empowerment and democratize information through out the ranks of the organizations,'says Sumeet Doshi, Country Manager UKG India.

'The InTouch DX is an innovative timeclock that provides the usability and personalization features that today’s employees expect, while harnessing built-in intelligence to surface important issues and present relevant actions in context for more efficient interactions,' he adds. 

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