Article: Join the Digital Bandwagon Efficiency and Higher Employee Satisfaction

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Join the Digital Bandwagon Efficiency and Higher Employee Satisfaction

End-to-end digital solutions are not only helping organizations reduce turnaround time and effort for processing employee remuneration they are also offering a host of benefits ranging from digital tax management to reimbursement disbursals.
Join the Digital Bandwagon Efficiency and Higher Employee Satisfaction

Today, it is hard to come across a company or business that has not moved to a digital remuneration platform. 

Every organization, small or big has embraced digitization for the benefits that it offers. However, for a vast majority of employers, taking the salary disbursal system online is where this digitization comes to a screeching halt.

If you see your employees running around with a bunch of papers, seeking approvals from the department heads every month, it is a clear indication that your expense reimbursement processes are clearly not optimized. 

Leveraging its industry-leading payments network and banking solutions, Paytm Payments Bank is at the forefront to offer scalable solutions to corporates which are convenient, simple, and efficient for the employees and employers alike.

As end-to-end digital solutions are the key to optimizing business processes and attaining maximum efficiency in operations, digital solutions by Paytm Payments Bank offer seamless solutions that automate the steps involved in reimbursement processes and enables employees to choose the benefits as per the policies laid down by the organizations. 

Paytm Payments Bank also offers salary accounts for corporate employees and includes zero balance account, zero digital transaction charges, instant account opening kits, and other customizes offerings. With faster corporate onboarding and instant account opening process, PPBL salary accounts provide a hassle-free experience.

Paytm corporate solutions are currently being used by over 1000 corporates and include employee benefits and banking solutions to corporates like Salary account, Business account, employee tax benefit allowances, reimbursements and instant money disbursal portal for employees, business partners, and customers. 

Digital solutions by Paytm Payments Bank are simple, effective and solve the challenges of traditional solutions while providing a delightful user experience for both the employees and employers. 

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