Article: The Counsellor: How to maintain relationship with old team

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The Counsellor: How to maintain relationship with old team

Adapting to organisational realities giving your best to each opportunity can help you get the role you want
The Counsellor: How to maintain relationship with old team

You will end up working with all type of managers. Learn to deal with realities and take up your grievances appropriately


Everything that made you successful in the previous role may not help you in the new role. Each role is associated with unique needs and expectations


I recently joined a company for a particular project and came prepared with a strategy. However, in the last few months, my role and responsibilities have changed and I now head a completely different project. This transition was very sudden, and I did not get a chance to think and deliberate on the decision. While I do have the expertise to carry out this new project, it does not fit in with my long-term career plan. I have communicated the same to my superiors. However, there has been no initiative to align my goals with that of the organisation. I am tempted to leave and look for options that are more suited to my ultimate goals. Please advise if there is a way to turn this situation in my favour here, or is leaving the only option.
— Mr Lacking-clarity-in-my-role

Dear Mr Lacking-clarity-in-my-role
First and the foremost, you should not join or leave a company based on one project. Your corporate life will be full of multiple roles and several assignments -- some of those you will like, and some you will not. Depending on the business exigencies, the projects and roles do change and people are reassigned. The earlier you understand and accept this reality, the better.
You have stated that you do have the required expertise to carry out this new project. My suggestion is that you put in your best, make a success of this project, and get noticed for the excellent work. In this way, the management will become more receptive to your needs, and will help align your career needs with that of the company’s objectives. Your complete alignment with the company’s objectives has to be the starting point for long-term relationships that are fruitful.
Changing jobs at a young age for a well-qualified professional is not very difficult. However, no one can guarantee the right role or a right project. Always think multiple times before you change a job.

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