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The perfect team

HR is the real connect between the CEO and the individuals, driving business functions in the right direction
The perfect team

The quality of the work that HR does in an organization is a reflection of how a CEO sees his/her role as a leader of people and culture

The aim of the CEO and his HR team is inevitably linked. While the HR function touches every individual in the organization, the CEO is the one person responsible for keeping all the functions aligned and steering them in the right direction. HR is the channel that can make or break these vital connections between the CEO and the individuals. In my interactions with many HR leaders, I have come to realize that the quality of the work that HR does in an organization is a reflection of how a CEO sees his/her role as a leader of people and culture. That perfect partnership is what you always see in best employers. The HR team works with the business (as opposed to “for the business”) to achieve its business results. It is responsible to execute the talent strategy and focus on results (as opposed to “intent”) and works with a purpose (as opposed to “programs and activities”). These CEOs know that talent is not only the starting point of growth and sustainability, but also the answer to competitiveness. In this issue, we cover the winners of the Aon Hewitt’s Best Employers 2.0 – India 2013 Study. These companies are examples of how the CEO and the HR work as a perfect team with one aligned objective. This special issue highlights the best practices of the top 17 winning companies on how they look at employee engagement, build a compelling employer brand, focus on leadership and build a high performance culture. This month is also a very special one for the HR community in India as we reveal the Are You In The List 2013 Awards for emerging young HR leaders. For over seven months, more than 100 senior HR professionals across India have contributed with their time in selecting the top winners from a 1,400-candidate pool. A community effort that has become a movement and has brought together all generations in HR with just one purpose: To bring pride and energy to the HR function. Another special feature we have is the Big Interview with D. Shivakumar, the Chairman & CEO – India Region of PepsiCo, who talked about leadership and followership, creating a culture of mentorship and his concept of culture. We also have an article on Global Thought Leader Dr Ram Charan’s thoughts on what it takes to be a leader in uncertain times. Entrepreneurship is a journey on its own and not many succeed in it. We have featured interviews with two different but successful entrepreneurs, Vinita Ananth of GitGrow and Annabelle Diamantino of Video Recruit, each talking about her experiences of growing a company. We have also interviewed Sara Roberts, Head of Talent & Recruitment, Asia Pacific, Citi, who tells us why it is important that people managers have the right tools to deal with people issues. The art of HR decision making is actually a science. In order to explore this, People Matters in collaboration with Towers Watson had conducted a round table on Transformative HR. In this issue, we showcase the learnings from the same on how rigor and science can be brought into HR decision-making through evidence-based change. We congratulate the winners of India’s Aon Hewitt Best Employers - India 2013 Study and we thank the CEOs and the HR Heads for their time and continuous support. We hope you enjoy reading this issue like the others. Comments and feedback are welcome and we would love to hear what you have to say about this issue. Happy reading!
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