Article: Employer Branding is a verb: Start today!

Employer Branding

Employer Branding is a verb: Start today!

People Matters & Linkedin #EBweek brings together the Community of HR on a single-track conversation: Taking Employer Brand from Strategy to Execution
Employer Branding is a verb: Start today!

LinkedIn #EBweek brings together the Community of HR on a single-track conversation: Taking Employer Brand from Strategy to Execution

5 days of online and offline engagement with Heads of HR, Heads of Talent Acquisition and Head of Talent on one conversation: Taking Employer Brand at the center stage of talent strategy. Newsletters, webinars, LinkedIn group engagement, Twitter and workshops in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore to continue the movement of energizing the HR community to take ownership of what could be the masterstroke not only in the hiring arena but also impacting engagement, alignment and pride with existing employees.

The positive economic sentiment and the indicators that hiring is back at a high across industries makes the need to build a strong employer brand a reality. Companies have understood that they need to identify their talent segments, engage with them and create a way to influence their decision to consider their offer as a great opportunity. The question now is how?

The LinkedIn #EBWeek roundtable series this week presented a perfect opportunity for over 120 senior HR professionals to experience first hand how to take employer brand from a framework to a reality. Tim Grogen, Head of Talent Brand Solutions, APAC, and Vibha Adlakha, Solutions Consultant at LinkedIn led the workshop that focused on the steps to implement an Employer Brand strategy.

Here are the four steps to look at deciphering your Employer Brand roadmap:


Who do you want to proactively communicate with? In what talent pools would you want to heighten the awareness of your brand? The ideal scenario is that you would want to communicate with everyone. But by the fact that there is scarcity of time and resources, organizations are better off picking their battles and choose the labor segments that are key to their business. Targeted efforts will require higher business impact.


Build key brand themes to address those segments. You cannot be everything to everyone. The same way that you will target your efforts to the right labor segments, you need to focus on what you communicate to these segments and identify why will they engage with your brand.


Build quality content that resonates with your TG. Here content is king. If your brand content is able to positively influence the conversations of your talent, you have already won a place in their hearts. They would look for opportunities to engage with your brand and would be willing to build a relationship with you, endorse you and vouch for you. Get their engagement with your segmented content.


Adopt targeted channels to socialize your Employer Brand. Where are your labor segments? That’s where you need to communicate.

But, what is the impact? Measuring your talent brand is notoriously difficult but if you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it and it’ll be harder for your senior leaders to really have confidence that your efforts are paying off. The LinkedIn Employer Branding Playbook outlines some of the measurements in line with your recruiting metrics, such as offer acceptance rates, attrition rates etc. to measure the improvement in your talent brand. Additionally, LinkedIn offers to its client the Talent Brand Index, a power tool to help you measure how well you are reaching and engaging professionals with your talent brand. You can find more information on how to build a strong employer brand in the LinkedIn Employer Brand Playbook. You can download the guide here.

The #EBweek also had the learning from three companies that have embarked in this journey with LinkedIn. Prashant Bhatnagar, Director at SapientNitro and Madhu Srivastava, Head- Talent Acquisition at Cairn India shared their employer branding journey and how they are building their talent brand. Sunil Sharma, Senior Deputy General Manager - Corporate HR & Personnel, Larsen & Toubro, proved that Employer Branding is not only for IT and Service companies but it is really relevant for Manufacturing as well. Shweta Patra, Head Marketing & Communication at Quest Global brought the marketing perspective of employer brand and showcased how Marketing, HR and Business partnered to build a strong path to build the talent brand is the segments they were strategically targeting.

Building an employer brand is a journey and not a destination, is a verb and not a noun. Companies need to start telling their stories, the story can be refined along the way but one should not wait to have the ‘perfect story’ to start. With this words Tim concluded a great week, full of excitement and interesting take away. Start telling your story, today.

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