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The voice of the community

Here is what the participants of #EBWeek roundtables in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have to say
The voice of the community

Here is what the participants of #EBWeek roundtables in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai have to say

"One thing I really liked in the roundtable sessions was that we explored how the different stakeholders look into the Employer Branding world. The view of the CEO, of the Head of HR, the Head of Marketing, Head of Talent Acquisition are different but the and the most important thing is that there should be synergies that need to come together to build a strong employer brand. The other thing was a perspective on how employer brand and consumer brand needs to come together, because candidates are today, not only consumers of your employer brand but also consumers of your consumer brand. It was really interesting to reflect about how both need to work together"
Rochna Poddar, Sr. Manager - Employer Brand & Marketing Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland

"Coming from an IT company, clearly attracting talent from outside is very important. #EBWeek has given me insights on how to enhance the brand value. From the candidate perspective, people want to join organizations that will help them fulfill their dreams"
Ajoy Salve, Head- Services, L&T Infotech

"Two key learnings for me from the roundtable: importance of content and the importance of sharing this content where your candidate segment is. Every segment needs a different type of content to engage them, and as a recruiter I need to reach out to them where they are available. The importance of content and reach is essential to build an employer brand."
Sunil Sharma, Senior Deputy General Manager - Corporate HR & Personnel, Larsen & Toubro

"It was a great learning. There are three facts that we have ahead of us, speed of change is very high, there is a talent war and finally the taste of the talent is changing very rapidly; These is a lot of pressure in the talent acquisition team to look at contemporary platforms and avenues to really sort out these three puzzles."
Ratish Jha, Senior Vice President- HR, Raychem RPG

"Important take away is that EVP is not only for external candidates. Employer branding is equally important is to understand that employer branding is also a great opportunity to engage your own employees. We need to look at Employer Branding in a holistic approach"
Mona Bose, Vice President - Human Resources, Aranca

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