Article: Employee hiring, happiness and ESOP management: These startups do it all


Employee hiring, happiness and ESOP management: These startups do it all

With only two days to go, People Matters TechHR India 2022 is back along with TechHR Startup Program. This year, we have a diverse line-up of startups such as Qapita, Talent On Lease, Gyde, Maq AI,, Happy+, Texperia, mHealthAI, Panalyt and HireHunch that focus on innovative solutions for organisations tackling new realities.
Employee hiring, happiness and ESOP management: These startups do it all

Startups form a very important part of the Indian business landscape with the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. It is only fair then that startups form a big part of People Matters TechHR India 2022, Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, where learning, innovation, engagement and connection happen. 

At TechHR’s Startup Program, we provide startups from across the region the opportunity to showcase their products and services, and meet with investors. And this year, we are proud to showcase a wide range of startups that are making a mark in every field – from using AI in hiring to ensuring ease in ESOP management. 

Here is a quick look at some of the names that will be present at People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2022 at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram, on August 4 and 5. Be there to learn about their amazing and innovative services and products and get inspired by their journeys in the world of entrepreneurship. 

Qapita: Ease and efficiency in ESOP management

Founders: Vamsee Mohan Kamabathula, Ravi Ravulaparthi and Lakshman Gupta Kanamarlapudi

Key problems addressed: The software platform assists organisations in digitising and managing cap tables and performs due diligence as they issue equity to their employees.  

Based in both India and Singapore, Qapita Fintech is slowly and surely transforming how the management of equity in the private capital market takes place. A SaaS-net startup, Qapita wants to transform and completely automate, with the help of its digital platforms, all processes for equity matters in private markets. 

Founded in 2019, each of Qapita’s three co-founders have over two decades of valuable industry experience in tech, investment banking and venture capital. 

Moving from strength to strength since its inception, Qapita has recently acquired a 100% stake in ESOP Direct, a Pine-based equity compensation company. The acquisition was by an all-cash deal and post this, Qapita will be managing ESOPs worth over a whopping $12 billion. 

Talent on Lease: Right Resources, Right Time, Right Cost

Founders: Daya Prakash, Pervesh Dhingra and Sanjeev Matta

Key problems addressed: Fulfilling urgent resource requirements for critical projects. On-Demand, IT Talent provisioning platform.

As soon as you open Talent On Lease’s website, their philosophy is made amply clear – ‘Right Resources at Right Time and at Right Cost.’ 

Conceptualised and created by industry veterans, Talent On Lease seeks to be the common platform where employees and employers can come together to form meaningful and lasting connections. 

Talent on Lease seeks to fulfill your requirements in a straightforward, four-step process. 

  • If you are a client, you create your profile, add assignment details, search and zero in on the perfect resource and sign the contract. 
  • If you are a partner, you create a profile, add resources, find assignments and sign the contract. 

Gyde: When AI meets software adaptation

Founders: Prasanna Vaidya and Shubham Deshmukh

Key problems addressed: Making the process of adaptation to new software seamless and efficient for both companies and new users

Gyde is a digital adoption platform that utilises artificial intelligence in order to help those using different software applications become effective and efficient at it. 

We have all faced situations where our place of work has shifted to new technologies and platforms. And we all remember how chaotic the transition process is on all employees. Gyde can help make that transition easier. 

To use Gyde, all you need is a basic understanding of how computers and the internet works and that is it! You can then create step-by-step guides, tutorials, walkthroughs and help articles. So, if you as a business owner need to move all your employees to a new, cutting-edge software platform, Gyde can assist you in the process and ensure great results. In fact, Gyde claims to have increased software adoption rates by a whopping 82%. 

Maq AI: Happy employees, courtesy AI

Key problems addressed: Keeping up employee morale and happiness by utilising the power of artificial intelligence

Employee experience and employee wellbeing form the core of any successful business. Employee happiness is a very important factor in a company's success or failure. Maq AI aims to keep employees happy and content by leveraging the power of AI. 

For Maq AI, the aim is to create learning machines which are not only based on human intelligence but are also able to collaborate with an organisation’s employee. With such positive collaboration, Maq AI believes that the world becomes a more happy place. 

Not only does Maq AI listen to the users, it is also constantly imbibing and learning things through the conversations with users. It would be safe to say that the platform is becoming better and better with every back and forth with a user. Global platform utilising AI for efficient hiring solutions

Founders: Rajesh Padinjaremadam, Jyothis Joseph, Sirish Kosaraju, Rinish Nalini

Key problems addressed: A global platform that helps connect pre-vetted and highly-skilled professionals with companies.’s aim is simple and magnificent at the same time. The company wants to “unleash the world’s untapped human potential”. is a global platform that seeks to utilise the power of artificial intelligence to provide efficient hiring solutions. 

The company has an all-in-one hiring, tracking, management solution for remote talent. It also helps fast-track remote hiring with a readily available global talent pool. has a futuristic albeit efficient outlook towards the age-old process of attempting to find the right person for the right job. 

Happy+: Keeping employee mental health at the forefront

Founder: Dr Ashish Ambasta

Key problems addressed: Keeping employees happy, with a special focus on mental health. 

Happy+ works in a domain, the importance of which has been increasing manifold over the past few years. With incredible amounts of focus being put on one’s mental health, Happy+ has been brought to life by trained psychologists and happiness experts. 

Happy+’s aim is to  make happiness a habit for everyone with the help of technology and experts. The company also wants to change the way we view “happiness”. By providing a number of amazing solutions, Happy+ wishes to bridge the gap between wanting your employees to be happy and providing the right kind of solution for them. 

Texperia: A SaaS platform that empowers HR to communicate, engage and measure

Founder: Anirudh Goutham

Key problems addressed: Enhancing the employee experience and creating a tech-based digital experience for employees and HR. 

Texperia, a software-as-a-service based company, focuses on enhancing the employee experience. The platform was founded by Anirudh Goutham, Giridhar Jayakumar and Rohit Iyer in 2020. The main focus of the startup is to enable businesses to deliver customer-grade interactive and immersive digital experiences.

Texperia also enables HRs to deliver a crafted and customised digital experience without the need to understand coding, AR, video production, AI or ML. It’s preferred by leaders to create a competitive edge, attract and retain good talent and also contribute to the experience economy.

mHealthAI: AI-powered, community-based wellness platform for corporates

Founder: Rajesh Munjal

Key problems addressed: Organising focused groups fitness activities and promoting holistic wellbeing in corporates. 

mHealthAI is an AI-powered, community-based wellness platform for corporates and companies that helps them to personalise their wellness calendar, create focused groups, and engage employees through stepathon challenges, teleconsultation, diet consultation, mindfulness sessions and other wellness programs.  

Founded by Rajesh Munjal, Monika Garg and Balwinder Singh, the startup aims at increasing employee engagement and productivity by ensuring the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. 

mHealthAI has served entities like Global Insurance, Aegon Life, Wiley, IDFC Bank, Airworks among others. The platform is now looking to expand its services internationally. 

Panalyt: A global people analytics software vendor

Founder: Daniel J West

Key problems addressed: Making data-driven employees decisions, enabling access to relevant and timely people data and streamlining better-decision making based on data

Panalyt is developed to help HR, management and managers with timely access to meaningful people data and insights. A product that can be used by managers, does not require deep knowledge of human resources and data at any company, regardless of the size or the stage of growth. 

Initially, the startup helped develop in-house HR BI tools to support better organisational and HR decisions. However, they later realised that not all companies can devote resources to such in-house production. Hence, they developed Panalyt for easily integrating data from all HR tools, extracting powerful analytics and insights, and providing benchmarking capabilities to objectively assess organisational health.

HireHunch: B2B tech recruitment platform 

Founder: Nawal Mishra 

Key problems addressed: Providing technical interviewing services, offering a cost-effective solution for shortlisting, interviewing and hiring processes.

HireHunch, a B2B tech recruitment platform was launched in 2020, to identify tech requirements in companies. With a panel of skilled veterans from a variety of technical backgrounds, the startup ensures hiring quality.

HireHunch purpose is to save companies’ time, which they spend on sieving through millions of CVs or interviewing candidates. The startup has been created with the vision to be the most reliable B2B platform for tech hiring. 

Whether you are a talent leader or entrepreneur, People Matters TechHR Startup Program is the right place to learn about emerging startups and cutting edge HR tech solutions.


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