Article: Meet the startups | People Matters TechHR India 2021


Meet the startups | People Matters TechHR India 2021

Are you ready to see the world of worktech unravel innovation? Here’s a peek into some of the innovative HR tech startups, gearing up to pitch their solutions at People Matters Tech HR India Startup Program 2021.
Meet the startups | People Matters TechHR India 2021

With opportunities and challenges continuing to unfold amid the prevailing business environment, technology has emerged to be the backbone of operational and relational sustainability for the world of people and work.

Through these challenging and disruptive times, HR tech has been among the strongest tools in the arsenal for talent and business leaders to keep the workforce connected, engaged, and productive, and at the same time equipping leaders with needed insights. As new ways of working make their way to employers, HR tech has found the perfect opportunity to reset the way work is performed, managed, assessed, and improved, with smart tools and technology. 

As the worktech market witnesses a paradigm shift, building value and delivering new-age solutions for existing and emerging workforce concerns, who are the enablers of this shift and what do they have in store for talent and business leaders? With People Matters Tech HR India Startup Program 2021 just a month away, we bring to you the first set of these innovative enablers, or HR tech startups, who aspire to tackle the people challenges that persist today with the right mindset and technology. 

These emerging HR tech startups will get a chance to pitch their solutions to investors, buyers and their peers at the People Matters TechHR India Startup Program. Here’s a look at some of the rising HR tech startups joining us at the Conference:

Stay Blessed Pvt Ltd

Launched in: 2019

Headquarters: Noida (Delhi/NCR)

Founded by Dr. Rajesh Sanghi, Dr.Diya Kapoor and Richa Singh, Stay Blessed offers platform based digital mental health solutions that are scalable and cost effective. The founders believe that the existing method of human-to-human based interventions are grossly inadequate and cannot scale to meet the global need. Available APPs are either a marketplace for psychologists or recommend partial solutions. 

StayBlessed offers comprehensive Apps/solutions for diagnosis, monitoring and management of mental health solutions. These are rendered through a data driven, devices and sensors supported tech platform with personalized recommendation and care plan for every user. Interventions work on all three plains i.e., mind, body, and soul. They have developed these based on two parallel approaches, Modern Psychology, and ancient Indian Spirituality.


Launched in: 2018

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded by Anil Agarwal and CA Ritu Mathran, InCruiter is a B2B SAAS-based crowd recruiting platform. The startup leverages the power of new age hiring and digital revolution to find top talent for the industry through its fully automated SAAS hiring platform at a much faster rate. 

InCruiter uses the Crowd recruiting and Crowdstaffing model to speed up the hiring process by 10x by connecting with a large pool of agencies and independent recruiters. The HR tech startup also provides a dedicated platform for freelance interviewers to conduct a technical assessment of candidates

Celebratinglife Infotech

Launched in: 2015

Headquarters: Bengaluru

Founded by Sanjay Sharma, Chanda Agrawal and Shanthi Krishnan, Celebratinglife CIV(Candidate Identity Verification) Platform addresses the challenge of impersonation and fake candidates. A wrong hire can cost thousands of dollars in revenue loss along with millions of dollars in reputation and compliance loss to an organization. CIV is disrupting this $5.46B BGV industry in the gig HR economy.

CIV is a zero touch, visual and voice recognition based SaaS AI platform. It has successfully been used by one of the 'Big 4' , mid sized IT companies and 30+ leading IT staffing companies in India. The platform saves upto 80% manual efforts through automated process workflows, auditable reports, integration with HRMS and am interview platform, while identifying fake, non-serious, duplicate and blacklisted candidates during the interview screening process. CIV is PII and GDPR compliant.


Launched in: 2019

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Founded by Yugandhar Penubolu, Anand Joseph and Pritesh Parmar, Winzard is a strategic HR Company with a SaaS Platform which offers workforce performance and productivity modules as well as Employee Pulse Surveys (Surveys developed in collaboration with IIT Hyderabad). The startup backs its product with consulting and workshops. 

With its suite of offerings, Winzard aims to tackle prevalent HR concerns such as disengaged workforce, low productivity, poor employee work planning, lack of objective & transparent assessment and inadequate employee insights.


Launched in: 2017

Headquarters: Hyderabad

 Founded by Sukhendra Reddy Rompally, Jagan Kothacharla and Adela Strakova, Chezuba is a web platform that facilitates corporate employees to volunteer online with NGOs in 73 countries. All of the volunteering data and insights are available for the HRs in the form of dashboards.

People Matters Tech HR India Startup Program 2021 is all geared up to set the ball rolling on the trailblazers of worktech, investment, mentorship and everything in between!

Excited? We are too! Come join us at People Matters TechHR India Startup Program and enlist yourself in a community of innovators as you fasttrack your growth in the new worktech paradigm!

To register for the People Matters TechHR India startup program from 4th to 6th Aug, click here.

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