Article: Make Hiring Great Again

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Make Hiring Great Again

Hiring seems like one of those problems that is easily defined and yet hard to solve. Can it be fixed at all?
Make Hiring Great Again
This is my $0.02 on Hiring. Hiring seems like one of those problems that is easily defined and yet hard to solve. Let me qualify that statement. For the most part, Hiring = fn (Sourcing + Assessment); where, ‘sourcing’ is the set of candidates under consideration for a position and ‘assessment’ is how you evaluate this candidate pool for the skill set and profile you seek.  Of course, there are other elements in the mix, but they invariably tie back to one or both of those key parameters. Take employer branding, for example, which has become a critical factor in the candidate driven market that we are now faced with. It really matters that you are the kind of organization people want to work for and be associated with. The higher you score on that metric — the higher the quality of candidates you attract. McKinsey, for instance, has been able to attract top B School grads across geographies, consistently. But, this ties back to Sourcing. Let&rsqu...

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A “one size fits all” approach to learning and development does not work and puts business performance and innovation at risk. Organizations are transmuting to adapt and oblige to evolving changes and demands that exhibit in every business function. But there is a significant disconnect between the supply and demand of skills at the workplace.

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