Article: Top 12 trends: Predictability and Innovation - Pankaj Bansal


Top 12 trends: Predictability and Innovation - Pankaj Bansal

Pankaj Bansal - Co-Founder & CEO, PeopleStrong
Top 12 trends: Predictability and Innovation - Pankaj Bansal

The coming year will see a paradigm shift in Talent Management. The entire approach will move from competency mapping/assessment of talent (EQ and IQ) to energy mapping assessment (SQ). Talent will be defined not as per their EQ and IQ but as per their real self. One can already see the trend in organizations where roles like that of the chief believe officer have come into existence. They are giving priority to the energy that people bring with them over and above the skills, capabilities, etc., that they have.

In the next year, the perception of employees as customers will accentuate further. Employees will be treated as customers by their employers and HR in turn will need to take the seat at the board room and leave the backroom.

The trend will move from time-sheet and activity and replace it with predictability and innovation - that means each role, each function and each contributor will define their value not on activities and time but on predictable outcome and innovation.

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