Article: Top Agenda for CHROs: HR Service Delivery & Tech


Top Agenda for CHROs: HR Service Delivery & Tech

Last year's study showed that less than 1/3 participating organizations have a well-defined HR service delivery model. The level of maturity of the HR delivery model will have a massive impact on how effective your HR function is to service both business & employees.
Top Agenda for CHROs: HR Service Delivery & Tech

I recently met the CHRO of a leading Asian Bank in Singapore, and one of the most poignant points she shared was that “Whatever we do, our function should improve the lives of our employees. They must feel the difference.” 

Business demands are changing, and employees’ demands are evolving; and to cater to all this, the HR needs to move fast and transform their HR delivery models to accommodate these changes as it owns the end-to-end employee experience. 

Every organization I speak to is undergoing HR transformation and evolving their HR delivery approach. But there is no clear roadmap for this transformation journey nor is there a one-size-fits-all strategy. However, it is worthwhile to take a stand, reflect within and without, and assess where we are, what’s working, and what’s ahead in this journey of transformation. 

This year, we have partnered with Alight in their HR Transformation Study 2018 to conduct a comprehensive study on the state of HR technology and HR service delivery. You can download last year research here


Last year’s study showed that less than 1/3 participating organizations have a well-defined HR service delivery model.  The level of maturity of the HR delivery model will have a massive impact on how effective your HR function is to service both business & employees. Here are some of the additional learning from last year’s study:

HR Service Delivery Model is critical

Organizations that have a clear strategy on their HR service delivery model and how technology integrates with it are 4X more satisfied with the execution of these programs. 


Strengthening HR Service Delivery

8 out of 10 participants shared that they will focus on strengthening their HR delivery models by upskilling HR incumbents; integrating talent management processes & implementing technology that underpins these talent management process. 

HR Shared Services to increase their scope

1/3 of organizations claim to have a well-defined service delivery model, of these 45% have a shared service center. Shared service centers manage about 50% of transactions providing bandwidth to the local HR teams and freeing them from the administrative load. The report suggests that shared services have a scope to increase their footprint, both on process scope and coverage; There is an opportunity to expand the scope of work across talent management and create further opportunities to drive consolidation of administrative tasks across processes like performance management, learning, career, etc.

HR Technology & Analytics becomes critical but needs to proof ROI

The report suggests that clarity on what is the outcome expected from technology drives satisfaction on the platform selected. Interestingly while cloud deployment has been a significant movement in the last couple of years, highly satisfied organizations are rating cloud deployments with a low score, The report suggests that there could be a mismatch of expectations at the time of buying the cloud solution and hyped expectations that then create that low score of satisfaction. The user interface, innovation, ability to configure and analytics will drive the selection of platform partners going forward. 

Last year, participant organizations rated themselves at 50% on confidence to lead transformation and evolve their HR service delivery models and technology strategies. We are experiencing a tipping point for how HR is maturing to provide impact to business and make employee experience better. 


We invite you to be part of this year’s study and participate in this exhaustive Study. All participants will have access to the 2018 Alight HR Transformation Study (only be available for participants); Additionally, all participants, will have a chance to win two passes to People Matters TechHR Conference in Delhi 1st, 2nd & 3rd August (all expenses covered) and continue to accelerate their HR transformation journey.

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