Article: Abhijit Bhaduri: Challenges organizations face in the digital space

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Abhijit Bhaduri: Challenges organizations face in the digital space

Digital disruption is transforming organizations faster than ever before but there are certain hitches that organizations need to do away with in order to embrace the wave of digital tsunami earnestly. Lets read some of the challenges faced by the organizations in the digital space.
Abhijit Bhaduri: Challenges organizations face in the digital space

With the advent of latest technology; the notion of speed and simplicity has changed within the organizations. It is no longer about just employee engagement, it is about experience. We aspire for instant gratification and individualization at the same time. 

There is no doubt that new tech tools such as web, cloud, social, mobile, video, apps etc. have made HR processes more capable. But, today the challenge is bigger for HR which is to make organizations truly boundary-less and transparent. 

Following are the major roadblocks that can limit the exploration of technology in the digital space.

Silo Organizational Structure 

As per digital experts, one of biggest reasons for non-acceptance of digital disruption in this digital age is silos organizational structure.  As defined by the dictionary, Silo mentality in the organization is an attitude where departments or groups within an organization do not want to share information or knowledge with other individuals in the same organization. “The biggest challenge doesn’t come from competition but it comes from silos that exist within the organization. To get real value out of analytics, the organization needs access to data (which is both structured and unstructured). But, data today exist in silo within the organizations. For example, if a HR person asks for sale or finance data then he might be retorted with why you need the sales data or they might say it is confidential. Now, if any person from finance department needs any information from HR, then he will be served with similar response from the HR side that - it is confidential. Everybody holds confidential data within the organization and this is the case of order-less-ness which digital organizations want to hide,” explains Abhijit Bhaduri, author and ex-CLO Wipro group at the Cornerstone Converge India, 2016.

It is not technology but our mindset 

New tools such as virtual reality, live video, artificially intelligent news bots, instant messaging have drastically changed the digital ecosystem. 

With these changes the attempt is to create a culture where speed, boundary-less-ness and innovation are dominant forces. Keeping in mind that digital tsunami will not give us the luxury of time, it is important to bring change in our mindset all together. It is not about technology. It is about reexamining and changing our mindsets, beliefs and forming new habits. “In the digital space, the challenge is not about technology but our mindset. Tons of Artificial Intelligence software is outsourced from the organizations. But, why don’t organizations use them. They could but they don’t and this is the challenge,” adds Abhijit Bhaduri, author and Ex-CLO Wipro group at the Cornerstone Converge India, 2016.

So, therefore at the age of digital disruption, it is important to overcome these challenges to ensure that organizations are able to develop digital competencies and bridge digital-skills gap. 

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