Article: Accelerating HR transformation at scale with HR Service Delivery

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Accelerating HR transformation at scale with HR Service Delivery

With an increasing focus on employee experience to drive business growth and impact, digital solutions will play an essential role in ensuring seamless, flexible and efficient workflows.
Accelerating HR transformation at scale with HR Service Delivery

In the era of growing digital transformation and disruptive business practices, an organisation’s HR function must keep pace to deliver on growth. A report by PwC reveals that 96% of HR leaders see the role of HR moving away from being just a service provider to focusing more on being employee experience designers, change agents and talent developers.

As a result, there is a strong sense of responsibility to lead HR transformation and invest in solutions that ensure the right experience is created for your people. This will inevitably lead to active employee engagement and rising workplace productivity.

With over 41% of the day to day activities, there is little time left for HR leaders to engage in creativity and innovation. Paper forms responding to audits, verification procedures, and addressing routine employee requests can be time-consuming. HR professionals are also drowning in numbers as business leaders become more data-driven. They also have to solve complex employee cases and ensure a seamless employee life cycle. 

When overlooked, these concerns can become a serious pain point in the productivity levels of the HR function and the employees equally. So, where do we find solutions to deliver on our business targets in a hyper-growth economy where the competition is high?

The growing market of HRSD to enhance employee experience

An answer to the question raised above would be the automation of these transactional activities. Investments must be made for seamless integration and operation into the employee life cycle. 

This is where UKG’s HR Service Delivery offers on-demand, efficient and transparent self-service options. Digital solutions in this domain tend to overlap with HCM/HXM technologies. Yet, its most significant impact is its positive effect on workflows by tackling employee relations cases, one of the primary productivity killers. 

This falls in line with the estimation that by 2024, 60% of employee-related HCM technology transactions will be accomplished via preconfigured, employee-initiated workflows. Using such predefined workflows, especially in case management, is one of the complex operations to automate and increase the operational efficiency of the HR function. For the employees, their time and energy get saved as the case immediately gets routed to a particular ER team member to respond and resolve. 

And the result? A more positive employee experience and a rise in workplace productivity are the primary twin goals of all HR leaders.

Improve workforce productivity and generate business impact with HRSD

The primary benefits that business leaders can reap from HRSD solutions are cost optimisation, compliance and risk mitigation and enabling a consistent and comprehensive employee experience. This is accomplished by helping HR configure workflows without IT intervention, respond to employees and drive tier-zero employee support. 

As for the hassle of document filing, processing and storage, UKG offers eVault, a repository for GDPR enablement, allowing organisations to meet data portability requirements for employees and other document portability capabilities in the era of digital files in a digital workplace. 

From automating manual processes to responding to employee requests and solving documentation concerns, all of these can be taken care of by a singular platform which integrates with the HCM technologies being run. 

To offer a contextualised and user-friendly technology to aid business operations as organisations become more hybrid, UKG’s HRSD builds flexible, scalable, centralised global and local processes at speed. Analytics are also part of the platform to establish a data-driven organisation from the ground up and encourage HR leaders to put their thinking caps on for improvement and innovation when faced with roadblocks.  

The role of HR today has become more cross-functional than ever before, so it needs to adapt and transform to meet employee and business needs. Moreover, in today’s landscape of people and work, which is becoming hybrid and digitised at an accelerated pace, even routine tasks have to be automated to keep up with the competitive market for products and services and talent. Therefore, to drive your organisation to overachieve its goals, employee experience becomes a fundamental area of concern. 

UKG’s HRSD plays a pivotal role in addressing the bottlenecks of employee experience that can get overlooked. The vision to ensure more time and space for a collaborative and creative engagement at the workplace through seamless HR operations creates the employee experience your business needs to thrive. As digital transformation introduces more disruptions, accelerating your HR transformation plan is the key to staying one step ahead. 

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