Article: Can HR professionals leverage wearable technology at workplace?


Can HR professionals leverage wearable technology at workplace?

Technology can help in improving the induction and onboarding process, in employee wellness activities, and also with employee safety. Read more to know how!
Can HR professionals leverage wearable technology at workplace?

Internet of Things, electronics, software, sensors! Let's not make it more complicated and use Popular Jargons. Wearable Technology are clothing and accessories incorporating computer and advanced electronic technologies. So, now that that definition is clear, you might be thinking, "How can these help us as HR Professionals"? The answer is simple, but may be the execution and willingness might be tough. But let's explore the possibilities of how can we leverage Wearable Technology at workplace.

Induction and Onboarding Activities

There has been a lot of buzz around virtual reality (VR). Will it help, will it make an impact, will it be cost effective, can we use this technology at workplace etc. Well, here is one way in which you can surely make the most of this tech for your Onboarding Activities!!

Imagine that and candidate joins a new company, and as per their Induction and Onboarding activity, the HR team hands over a VR Headset. This then showcases all about the company via this headset. It shows about how the company was founded, its office, its employees, its various domain expertise, clients that they work for, fun at work etc. Imagine the amazing experience that the new joinee might have got through this and yes not to forget, all this the standard PPT and age old ways of conducting Induction.

Companies can experiment VR and surely make the new joinee experience workplace virtually. Be it any of your global offices, the joinee can visit all the places right on day 1.This can surely help companies to also ensure that they good candidate experience.

Employee Wellness Activities

We can easily keep track of our movements, sleep and eating habits, thanks to various wearable tech available today. All these help us to promote a healthier lifestyle. Can we as HR folks encourage our employees to use such tech and also promote healthy lifestyle at workplace!

Imagine if you as an HR get a weekly/monthly health report of your employees, and are able to track their stress levels and can save her / his life! You could track the break schedules and eating habits and also ensure that they don’t cross the danger level mark. Imagine that you get a notification the moment one of the employees report says that might need certain health checkup!!!  Who knows, you might be able to save her/his life with help of such tech. I am sure you must be thinking about the cost of such tech. It's surely not more than your employees’ life.


Wearable Tech can surely help companies to provided additional safety net to women employees. A smart tracker watch can surely help HR folks to monitor women employees who might be travelling from office towards home via such tech. This can be of great help for women employees who work in night shifts / odd working hours. It also adds the extra bit of confidence for women employees and HR folks too can avoid any unwanted incidents.

These are just a few ways in which we as HR folks can leverage Wearable Technology at workplace. I am sure you are still thinking about the cost. So, let me tell you this "Think of what if you don't do this, and it affects health and safety of your most valuable assets aka your employees.

Would be great to know your views, thoughts and ideas on how you want to leverage such tech at your workplace.

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