Article: Converge India 2017: State of HR Transformation

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Converge India 2017: State of HR Transformation

At the Cornerstone OnDemand Converge India 2017, Vikrant Khanna Director-HR, Transformation & Cloud Services (APAC), Alight Solutions talks about the pivots of driving HR transformation through technology.
Converge India 2017: State of HR Transformation

Change never stops and the businesses today are changing at an unprecedented rate. Companies are experiencing breakthroughs faster than ever, and so does managing talent. HR Transformation has become critical to achieving outcomes that matter to business like M&A, talent shortages, budgets, employee interests, and disruptive new technologies.

Vikrant Khanna, Director HR transformation and Cloud Services (APAC), Alight Solutions, shares the key insights from the APAC state of the HR Transformation study conducted by Alight Solutions. Following are the key trends in the HR transformation landscape:

Transactional Excellence as a means to driving HR processes:

Vikrant shares they surveyed Asia Pacific to understand the nuts and bolts of HR transformation with 768 companies participating in that survey.  Majority of respondents that majorly includes CHROs and Head HRs said transactional analysis is the primary component in driving successful HR programs. 

He shares that processing transactions coupled with a well-defined technology strategy are enabling enterprise growth goals and increasing value.

HR Technology Consolidations:

While managing vast and geographically scattered workforces, integrating talent management processes and systems are beneficial because it provides a holistic management of the workforce.

Close to 60-65% of the organization prefer consolidating various technologies on a single platform to unify talent management solution.

By unifying the various talent management processes that can create costly fragmentation and inefficiencies, integrating them can enhance all stages of the employee lifecycle. 

User Experience:

In this overall transformation journey, one of the challenges faced by the organization is to revolutionize the entire employee experience. In the study conducted by Alight solution, Vikrant shares that only 18% organizations respondent to be highly satisfied with the HR technology they are using. Thinking your users differently and offering a personalized experience is a key to drive satisfaction with HR technology.

(This article is curated from the session State of HR Transformation by Vikrant Khanna, Director-HR, Transformation & Cloud Services (APAC), Alight Solutions at the Cornerstone OnDemand Converge India 2017.)

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