Article: Discovering the digital workplace by embracing tech-driven trends

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Discovering the digital workplace by embracing tech-driven trends

The latest tech trends will allow easier, more effective teamwork as well as a more pleasant, productive employee experience. It would also put the organization in a better place for both employers and employees.
Discovering the digital workplace by embracing tech-driven trends

Organizations had their entire workforces up, working, and operating remotely - almost instantly - as a result of a worldwide pandemic that no one saw coming. In a matter of weeks, the digital workplace was accelerated by decades, a monumental feat handled with remarkable pace and resiliency.

The transition to digital has forced the accelerated introduction of an infinite variety of digital technologies, making today's digital workplace more fractured and dynamic than ever. Organizations now have access to more new platforms and services than they ever imagined.

As workers are required to operate remotely due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the prevalence of automated workplaces in companies will rise much faster in 2021 and coming years. With digital workplace acceptance, leaders are under more pressure to have a seamless and customized interface for their workers.

So, here we discover the digital workplace by embracing the five tech-driven trends which are going to make a difference in 2021 -

1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is never old. It evolves every single day to achieve certain capabilities. In 2021, you should expect to see a growing variety of companies around the world use artificial intelligence to streamline current company applications or improvise customer experience. Assessing the preparation and maturity of the enterprise systems now being used by workers is the first step toward implementing artificial intelligence.

For example, you can create AI-powered Chabot’s to address the necessary questions workers can have about internal company apps, reducing the learning curve and improving employee satisfaction.

2. Cybersecurity Mesh

While digital transformation will improve business performance, it will also pose cybersecurity risks. The escalating cyber-threats must be handled with critical techniques. Cybersecurity mesh is a new trend that addresses existing cybersecurity needs in both virtual and physical environments.

It offers a distributed, open structure that can provide a security perimeter around each user or person within the network. You will improve the security of any place that houses the main properties, staff, or computers with cybersecurity mesh. This approach allows for the centralization of security policy while also allowing for distributed compliance.

Cybersecurity Mesh will be a great benefit for the current digital remote workplace environment. It will guarantee that the right people have access to information and will be able to spot cyber threats and breaches better than an on premise monitoring framework.

3. Augmented Analytics

The use of sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to simplify the insight generation process without relying on data scientists or other human processes is known as augmented analytics. The data scientists can use augmented analytics to analyze, collect,  interpret, and turn data into actionable lessons for decision-makers.

Through the augmented analytics, continual human intervention is removed and thereby it eliminates the errors and bias in the workplace process. It also automates the weeding out of bogus or less important observations, which saves time and effort. Through applying an extensive variety of algorithms,  augmented analytics aims to combat the issue of losing out on valuable insights.

4. Distributed cloud technology

The distributed cloud will help private connections and particular locations close to the public cloud. It will change the way public cloud applications interconnect with the private cloud applications, thereby making the whole process easy needing less bandwidth, minimized storage, fewer data, and latency. 

5. Virtual Conferences

Companies are looking up to the webinars and interactive virtual conferences to preserve social distance and limited interaction with humans. In recent times, virtual meetings and conferences for announcements, product launches, and other purposes are expected to rise. As workers communicate virtually, many video conferencing apps have seen a huge increase in use in recent months. Events will continue to take place online, ranging from small internal gatherings to full-fledged webinars or conferences with thousands of employees. To uphold social distancing etiquette and ensure everyone's wellbeing, this recent trend is likely to last for a long time.

These digital workplace developments will help the company overcome the barriers of the physical workspace as we step towards a new frontier of agile, remote jobs.

The latest tech trends will allow easier, more effective teamwork as well as a more pleasant, productive employee experience. It would also put the organization in a better place for both employers and employees. 

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