Article: Future of HR: 5 ways Human Resources will evolve in 2023

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Future of HR: 5 ways Human Resources will evolve in 2023

As companies manage their workforces in a dynamic era, take a look at ways industry experts Ravinder Goyal and Arppna Mehra expect Human Resources departments will adapt and adjust.
Future of HR: 5 ways Human Resources will evolve in 2023

Human Resources is known to be an ever-evolving sector. With the advent of technology in HR, we witnessed rapid changes and evolution, which led to cutting-edge trends. Being proactive and understanding these drifts could revolutionise the workforce in the upcoming year. To understand these trends that will have a larger impact on how we work in the coming years, People Matters exclusively spoke to Ravinder Goyal, co-founder of Erekrut, and Arppna Mehra, VP-HR, Global DTS and HR Head for Harman India. 

Take a look at the most significant HR trends that will revolutionise the workforce in 2023:

1. DEI as top priority

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is becoming increasingly significant for organisational executives as a strategic economic gain and an organising element of workplace culture. To ensure equitable hiring for everyone, leaders might conduct blind resume evaluations and exclude all biographical information before making any decisions. 

“Your employees might be able to spot their biases and grow into better individuals if you educate them about them. Offering unconscious bias training is the most effective way to reduce prejudice at work and promote an inclusive environment. Talking up the company's inclusion initiatives during meetings and onboarding may help to highlight them,” said Arppna Mehra. 

2. The rise of data-driven culture

More and more companies are realising that the data they have about their employees’ performance is extremely valuable. In some cases, it’s even replacing traditional performance reviews altogether. But, why is data-driven culture so important? "Because, it’s directly tied to the rise of automation in HR," explained Ravinder Goyal. 

"Human Resources is a field that is often driven by gut feelings and guesswork. As the data-driven culture grows, it’s likely that the role of automation in HR will increase. This is a good thing for employees, as it will allow HR departments to shift focus to more strategic areas," he added.

3. Cloud-based HR software

Cloud-based HR software is nothing new, but it’s likely to become more and more popular in the coming years. The technology has some big advantages over on-premise systems, most notably speed and scalability. “If your company is growing rapidly, or if you’re expecting significant changes in staffing, an on-premise solution can be a real challenge. Cloud-based software, on the other hand, is easily scalable to accommodate these changes,” co-founder of Erekrut told People Matters.

4. Virtual reality in recruiting and training

Virtual reality has been growing in popularity in a variety of industries over the past few years. VR can be used for several applications in the HR department. It can be used to host virtual job fairs, interviews, employee onboarding, and much more. For instance, interviews could take place in a virtual office environment, with the prospective employee wearing VR goggles. VR could also be used to host virtual training sessions for employees, which could be especially beneficial in fields that require specific training, like engineering, or fields that require specific equipment.

5. AI-powered HR analytics

The future of HR will involve a range of technologies. Data analytics and recruiting trends will be made possible by artificial intelligence in 2023. “Over the next three years, IBM research predicts that the adoption of AI integration will increase from 40 to 80 per cent. It will help businesses find applicants, analyze resumes, and onboard new hires more quickly and accurately. Companies can save time and money by automating some processes and interactions,” stated HR Head for Harman India.

Human Resources has come a long way since the days the department was wedded to paper, but we’re still not done. As we look ahead to 2023, it’s important to remember that this sector of work is always changing, and the way it evolves is unpredictable. However, the key to success is by making sure you’re keeping an eye on the latest developments and staying ahead of the curve. 

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