Article: How automation changed the nature of jobs at McDonald's India

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How automation changed the nature of jobs at McDonald's India

The Indian business of the worlds largest burger fast-food chain, McDonalds, has automated both internal activities and customer-facing activities. Here is how automation has impacted the nature of work & jobs.
How automation changed the nature of jobs at McDonald's India
At McDonald’s, the equipment is so standardized that their operation doesn’t require high skills for operation. Starting from the establishment of McDonald’s India in 1996, the first level of automation at the quick service restaurant chain was business standardization. And it is something that helps people to do their jobs which otherwise would require high skills. They acquire and build skills as they go and it is one of the reasons why we can work really well with an 18-year-old. The objective of automation at McDonald’s has been to eliminate activities that are repetitive and don’t add value to an individual or to the business. So anything that is repetitive, which cannot provide career growth to an individual, we outsource such activities to partners or use technology to do such work. For instance, we launched an electronic learning module which provides online training to employees, facilitates flexibility and is a refreshing training approach com...
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