Article: How HR Tech Startups can benefit from TechHR Startup Program 2019

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How HR Tech Startups can benefit from TechHR Startup Program 2019

The People Matters TechHR Startup Program 2019 offers many benefits, from one2ones with key investors to exclusive masterclasses from top-notch HR Tech entrepreneurs.
How HR Tech Startups can benefit from TechHR Startup Program 2019

The HR tech market in India consists of more than 180 startups and companies and holds the potential to further grow in the coming years. From Sourcing, HRMS, Learning to Wellness, the startups under different categories are helping companies solve the different talent challenges with their own unique solutions.

With nearly $1.2 bn invested in quarter three of 2018 in the HR tech space globally, the pace of venture capital investment in the sector is picking up. It is stipulated by a report by Grand View Research Inc. that the global HR industry is projected to reach $30 bn by 2025. 

The emerging industry is an outcome of increased demand for more talent solutions. 

From hiring, administration to training employees, HR professionals and organizations are continuously looking to strengthen and improve their current processes. As they grapple with challenges like increased skills gap and talent scarcity and changing demands of the multi-generational workforce, they have greater expectations to develop new talent techniques supported by digital platforms and employee analytics.

As the demand for more innovative solutions rises and more startups emerge in the space, they need guidance and more inputs for their solutions to ensure that they are moving in the right direction. 

It is important that they understand the talent challenges and business needs of different companies. By getting inputs from talent professionals themselves they can learn what solutions are currently in demand and accordingly build or improvise their startup idea. 

Keeping the importance of learning and networking for HR tech startups in mind, People Matters every year hosts a unique program called TechHR Startup Program for them. 

The People Matters TechHR Startup Program offers many benefits, from one2ones with key investors to exclusive masterclasses from top-notch HR Tech entrepreneurs. 

Here are some advantages of being a part of the People Matters TechHR Startup Program: 

Showcase their products to 3000+ talent and business leaders: All the HR Tech Startups participating in the program will get to participate and showcase their products at the Start-Up Zone for two days at the People Matters TechHR Conference to be held on 1st and 2nd August at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram. This is an opportunity for startups to not only present their solutions to talent leaders of some of the leading companies but also gather more insights to improvise and innovate their solutions further as per the current needs and demand. 

Pitch the products to investors of leading VC firms: Each and every participant of the program will get to present their ideas and solutions to investors like Manu Rikhye, Managing Director, GrowX Ventures; Girish Shivani, ED and Fund Manager, YourNest India VC Fund; Arpit Agarwal, Principal PartnerBlume Ventures and Hidekazu Ito, Managing DirectorMynavi Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., among others. 

Exclusive Masterclasses: The participants will also have access to exclusive Masterclasses from some of India’s top venture capitalists and startup entrepreneurs. The HR tech startups participating can learn from the experience of these experts in the space and gain more insights to improvise their current solutions. The lessons learned at the masterclasses will also help startups in planning their business ahead and help them when they plan to scale up. 

By interacting with talent professionals, investors, HR tech analysts, and experts, the participants of People Matters TechHR Startup Program can learn about the latest challenges and opportunities in the market and embark on a more successful path towards success. As the insights gained from the program and the conference will help them build more relevant solutions for the talent community. 

The early stage startups that are looking for building mentorship relationships can take part in the People Matters TechHR Startup Program and make the most of this opportunity. Click here to know more. 

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