Article: Inclusion of AI in HR operations

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Inclusion of AI in HR operations

AI today, has become an integral part of our lives - without us even realizing it, sometimes.
Inclusion of AI in HR operations

The advent of AI has disrupted technology to heights unimaginable. It has been seeping into newer spheres and domains - especially within the HR arena. The HR industry has conventionally been following the age-old manual processes which require incessant paperwork, have high costs and exacerbated efforts for tedious and mundane tasks. But with AI in the picture, the domain is increasingly witnessing a shift in optimizing the HR departments’ time and efforts. 

AI today, has become an integral part of our lives - without us even realizing it, sometimes. Be it Alexa or Google Assistant, our daily operations have been bundled with AI seamlessly. Thus, when it comes to managing the workplace’s personnel, AI has been doing wonders in the domain. The increased use of chatbots, for instance, has been a defining feature of AI in helping optimize HR’s precious time - answering common questions derived through predictive AI algorithms.

Another example wherein we are increasingly witnessing the inclusion of AI in HR operations is within the recruitment processes - be it pre-employment screening or scheduling meetings or interviews with candidates. Leveraging AI and automation for such tasks helps in relieving HRs from the manual processes of doing so, time and again. With the help of AI, expediting recruitment processes becomes a reality - helping candidates get onboarded seamlessly. This helps reduce the time taken for evaluating each employee in silos and can thus cover a larger scope - even to map candidates to roles that are more suited to their skillsets.

AI can also play a key role in conducting performance reviews of employees. By mapping older performance data with expected indicators, AI can help predict employees’ performance levels and provide accurate feedback. Rather than adopting manual paperwork for annual reviews, AI can help truncate that time to mere minutes and provide effective results. Thus, the immersion of AI can help in evaluating employees’ performance expediently.

When it comes to any additional administrative tasks or operations, the HR departments can significantly benefit by embracing AI into their systems. More often than not, organizations have their personalized Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS). This is a single database of all employees - helping in streamlined management of all HR operations. But within this as well, AI can enhance the operations through predictive analysis. From employee management to learning and training modules - all can be effectively augmented via the adoption of AI and ML algorithms.

Although AI has come in as a breath of fresh air for the HR industry in terms of optimizing resources and expediting their processes, it doesn’t imply that AI can become a complete alternative to the HR operations. Surely, it adds value and offers seamless advantages, human intervention can never be completely replaced - logical reasoning and intuition are irreplaceable areas. The HR workforce will surely have to intervene in areas necessary. Thus, there needs to be a seamless balance between the actual workforce and adopting AI in certain processes. With such an amalgamation, operations can be expedited along with retaining the core human-centric tasks. 

Thus, AI has a lot to offer, and such technologies are only going to grow further in the coming years. It becomes imperative to realize the full potential of such technologies in our personal and professional spheres. The HR industry has and will keep on witnessing transformations, using the facets that AI has to offer. The key idea of expediting processes and optimizing resources will help take an enormous load off of the HR personnel - helping them put their core focus on priority tasks. Thus, AI is here to stay and its inclusion in HR operations is only going to make the realm grow stronger and better.

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