Article: Meet the latest startups at TechHR India Startup Program 2021

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Meet the latest startups at TechHR India Startup Program 2021

Take a peek at the next batch of worktech trailblazers gearing up for People Matters TechHR India Startup Program 2021.
Meet the latest startups at TechHR India Startup Program 2021

One size certainly does not fit all. Every team, organization and industry has their own challenges, and the approach to problem solving that works for one might not work for another. Technology understands that, and every emerging worktech startup today has tailored its services accordingly. Some cater to niche markets, while others remain open to personalizing their offerings to match what the organization in question needs. 

Be it any HR function today - payroll, employee experience, learning and development, talent acquisition, among others - technology has empowered both people and processes in this domain. As new challenges unfold, the trailblazing worktech market continues to evolve and adapt while attempting to successfully solve business as well as people challenges. 

Earlier this month we introduced to you some of the emerging HR tech startups that are changing the game for the worktech market. Here’s the next set of innovative startups eager to showcase their offerings and services to the business and talent community at People Matters Tech HR India 2021.


Launched in: 2020

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founded by Aishwarya Goel, Nilesh Agarwal, and Gaurav Jhunjhnuwala, PeakPerformer is a digital coaching platform built to transform employees into global leaders in an effective, scalable and measurable way. The startup is a full stack enterprise platform, which uses executive coaching as a core framework blended with a non-directive form of coaching & mentoring that is delivered by an effective pool of pre-screened credentialed executive coaches to help individuals work on their skill gaps in a contextual & scalable way. 

Unlike traditional workshops and self paced courses which struggle to translate learnings to the real world, PeakPerformer delivers learnings in a personalized 1 on 1 coaching format. The continuous loop of Reflection > Awareness > Action  enables leaders to make deep, lasting behavioral change, making them force multipliers within the organization.


Launched in: 2018

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founded by Anuraag Srivastav, PayReview offers a Total Compensation Management Software Solution ensuring your HR investments work. The product suite includes Hire Review, Fair Increments, Incentive Now, BenchmarkAssist, Deep Analytics, Workforce Plans and Smart Budgets.  


Launched in: 2017

Headquarters: Hyderabad

Founded by Jignesh Talasila, Sai Suraj Vanka and Dr. Puranjaya Singh, PerspectAI is a mobile-first talent assessment platform with remote AI proctoring capabilities. The startup’s engaging and reliable game-based assessments capture cognitive abilities along with personality and behavioral traits of a candidate, helping organizations find their 'Right Fit'. 

The AI-assisted asynchronous video interviews help pre-screen candidates in large volumes, saving time and money.

GoEvals Solutions

Launched in: 2020

Headquarters: Mumbai

Founded by Dr. Gaurav Hirey, Manish Manon and Swati Hirey, GoEvals Solutions creates and develops innovative intelligent HR tools that solve the challenges of technology implementation and adoption by users. GoEvals tools deliver unmatched simplicity in the form of user friendly , intuitive user interface using new age digital technology.

The startup boasts of simple, fast, and reliable plug and play tools, packed with HR resources, incorporating global best practices. GoEvals  tools  help improve the employee experience, raise HR process efficiencies, automate tasks and save a huge amount of time and money for the organization. Currently, GoEvals is  live with the SELECTION TOOLS, which is a suite of three tools : 

  • Video Interview Platform: Eliminates the need for the interviewer and the candidate to be present at the same time
  • Competency Testing Tool: Combines science with the art of recruiting by testing candidates for the right competencies
  • Candidate Reference Check Tool: Uses technology to automate processes, enhance candidate experience & eliminate the grunt work


Launched in: 2015

Headquarters: New Delhi

Founded by Vinay Dalal and Praveen Pankajakshan, TalBrum is a hire-to-retire HR tech product or in other words, a supermarket of HR tech services where you get everything under the same roof, all duly interconnected and with a single login. It’s like a one-stop solution to HR - be it automated attendance from multiple input sources like a biometric machine or a mobile to payroll performance, training recruitment, or travel or passport management. 

The platform helps to cut down the mundane processes and equips HR to make decisions based on data and focus on strategy. Meanwhile, as far as employees are concerned, it enhances the overall experience in an efficient and transparent way.

Find out more on how these innovative HR tech startups are helping organizations navigate crises and enhance experience and explore the latest in worktech, investment, mentorship and everything in between, only at People Matters Tech HR India Startup Program 2021.

To register for the People Matters TechHR India startup program from 4th to 6th Aug, click here.

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