Article: People Matters TechHR India unveils themes: The shift from inspiration to action

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People Matters TechHR India unveils themes: The shift from inspiration to action

For 2024, People Matters TechHR India touches upon how people and organisations can move from the realm of rethinking-redefining-reimagining into the tangible realm of results.
People Matters TechHR India unveils themes: The shift from inspiration to action

In a world trodden by economic and geo-political strife and a dynamic and competitive business landscape, the only thing that keeps organisations going is the ability to inspire and execute change. It is no longer enough for leaders to simply ponder and strategize; they must translate ideas into tangible actions and outcomes. While inspiration propels organisations towards engaging, motivating, and nurturing the well-being of their workforce, it is deliberate and strategic action that turns inspiration into impactful change, bringing visions to life. 

At Asia’s largest HR and WorkTech conference, People Matters TechHR India, we invite you to blend inspiration with execution and turn ideas into impactful outcomes. We are coming together to catalyse a future of work that's ready to be born, to inspire you and your team from ‘Inspiration to Action’ with a focus on Speed – Sustainability – Resilience. 

We endeavour to equip and empower CXOs, leaders, HR managers, functions heads, and each one of us to embrace the journey of taking risks, embracing failure as a stepping stone to success, and continuously learning and iterating.

With a carefully curated roadmap, we unveil the latest themes.

Business Models: Redefining Value: 

In today's volatile landscape, speed, resilience, and continuous learning are paramount. Join us as we explore how businesses are reimagining the way they create value and foster a culture of adaptability. Dive into a host of case studies from CEOs and business leaders, centred around building successful business models and driving business transformation. CXOs, CHROs, Emerging Leaders, Business Heads, and Product Heads can now recreate the boardroom buzz! 

Organisational Models: The Balancing Acts: 

Striking the right equilibrium in people and work strategy and practice is more challenging than ever before - remote and office, centralisation and decentralisation, compliance and freedom is a tightrope walk. Discover how to navigate these paradoxes and make your organisation a destination workplace. Delves into panel discussions, learning sessions and stories around new work models, culture, wellness, rewards, and designing the right employee experience. A must-know for CHROs, Functional Heads, HRBPs, HR Generalists, Rewards Head, and Wellness Leaders. 

Talent & Leadership Models: Nurturing Talent: 

Solve the labour market's challenges and dichotomies of today’s workforce. Leadership development, capability building, and institutional capabilities are the way forward to staying relevant and revamping value creation for all. Functional leaders, L&D Leaders, TA Leaders, L&D Managers, HRBPs, and Emerging Leaders can now learn the best means to leadership & learning development, recruitment, and actionable strategies on skilling, building capabilities, and hiring the right talent.

Technology Models: Efficiency & Innovation Hand-In-Hand: 

Generative AI is evolving at record speed while CEOs are still learning the technology’s business value and risks. Explore how human & tech innovations are boosting efficiency while creating long-term structural transformations in business and people strategy. This track is ubiquitous for all – CHROs, HR Transformation Leaders, EX Leaders, Functional Leaders, and HR Managers will benefit from sharing best practices, case studies and learnings. It will touch upon HRTransformation, Gen AI, use of technology, productivity, and execution strategies of using tech across different talent management segments.

We've got 5 studios packed with over 80 sessions for you to explore. From insightful panel discussions and inspiring fireside chats to leader keynotes and interactive story circles, you'll find a variety of formats to engage with. We'll also offer visual practices, thought-provoking think tanks, exclusive masterclasses, hands-on workshops, and themed activities – all designed to spark your creativity and equip you to transform the way we work.

What’s more, test and elevate your technological acumen at the TechLens HR Quiz - explore the latest trends, innovations, and best practices in HR technology and get set to navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Connect with and glean invaluable insights from seasoned leaders who have navigated the complexities of leadership, business growth and people management in the “Ask Leaders’ Anything: Live Q&A.”

Through each of the themes, People Matters TechHR India 2024 aims to create an immersive experience with shared stories and insights around best practices, lessons learned, and real-world examples of what works and what doesn't. 

Come, learn from each other's experiences, accelerate growth, make informed decisions, and ultimately, position your organisations for long-term success in a rapidly evolving business landscape! 

Register now to meet the biggest names in HR and Worktech at People Matters TechHR India on August 1 and 2 at Leela Ambience, Gurugram. For more updates, use #TechHRIN on our website and social media channels.

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