Article: Striking the right balance between futurising and humanising in Gen AI era: Insights from KNOLSKAPE roundtable

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Striking the right balance between futurising and humanising in Gen AI era: Insights from KNOLSKAPE roundtable

As organisations embrace the transformative force of Gen AI, they are at the forefront of a new era where the collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence propels them towards unprecedented levels of success.
Striking the right balance between futurising and humanising in Gen AI era: Insights from KNOLSKAPE roundtable

In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements, the intersection of artificial intelligence and human creativity has given rise to a transformative time - the age of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) -  and we need to embrace its dawn. This convergence of new age technology and the fundamental aspects of humanity call for an advanced role of leaders. They must adeptly harness the full potential of advanced technologies while safeguarding the core values that define our collective humanity. They need to effectively address the challenges and seize the opportunities brought about by Gen AI.

To navigate this transformative landscape of artificial intelligence, People Matters and KNOLSKAPE together hosted an insightful roundtable discussion on ‘Leading in the Age of Gen AI: Striking the Right Balance between Futurizing and Humanizing’ in Mumbai. Rajiv Jayaraman, the Founder & CEO of KNOLSKAPE, took the helm as moderator for the discussion.  

Senior HR leaders including Dr. Ritwik Mishra, SVP and Global Head of Consulting, KNOLSKAPE; Manu Nanda, Chief Business Officer & SVP - APAC, Global partnerships & India, KNOLSKAPE; Namita Patwari, Head Human Resources Development, DHL and Niraj Agrawal, Head - Human Resources at Wockhardt Ltd and many others offered valuable insights on the seamless integration of human collaboration with automation.

The inaugural marvels of Gen AI technology

The initial marvels collectively emphasise Gen AI's transformative potential, providing a preview of a future where artificial intelligence seamlessly becomes an integral part of our daily existence, expanding the horizons of what can be achieved. The inaugural marvels of Gen AI technology encompass a range of ground-breaking capabilities like Emotional Intelligence Integration, Adaptive Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Advancements, Emotional Intelligence Integration, and Collaborative Autonomy and so on.

Coach Dexter, Training Head at Datamatics and a distinguished NLP Life Coach & Executive Coach and Educator for a diverse clientele, expressed his insights on the progressively intricate functionalities of emerging Gen AI capabilities. He highlighted the transformative potential inherent in Gen AI's capacity to reshape everyday tasks and redefine business operations.

Profound advantages of Gen AI

The advent of Gen AI, or the next generation of artificial intelligence, has brought about profound advantages in the professional realm, transforming the way businesses operate and professionals conduct their work. The profound benefits of AI are evident across all realms, serving as a catalyst for innovation in the workplace.
Alapinee Deshmukh, Human Resources Lead, eClinicalWorks illustrated how smart AI efficiently addresses the backlog of employee requests at large organisations. Her narrative emphasised the transition from mere task automation to a more sophisticated and context-aware form of smart automation.

Challenges and opportunities brought forth by Gen AI technology

The emergence of Gen AI heralds a paradigm shift, introducing a spectrum of challenges and opportunities that resonate across industries. Gen AI, distinguished by its adaptive learning, emotional intelligence, and generative creativity, stands at the forefront of innovation. As this innovative technology continues to redefine the boundaries of what is achievable, it concurrently poses intricate challenges that demand thoughtful navigation. Gen AI sparks a compelling narrative of adaptation, exploration, and the need for strategic foresight.

Building on this insight, Coach Dexter delved into the imperative of learning & development. Beyond the conventional focus on employees and managers, he underscored the critical need for leaders who were steering companies through the era of extensive Gen AI utilization. In retrospect, his emphasis on upskilling leaders spoke to the evolving landscape and the foresight required to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by this transformative technology.

Turning the lens to practical implementation, Namita Patwari, Head Human Resources, DHL eCommerce solution Blue Dart Express Limited, shared the unique challenges posed by the generation gap within her workforce. Reflecting on this diversity, her people management team had to adopt innovative approaches to introduce training sessions without explicitly using the term 'digital.' Patwari stressed on the importance of digging deep for solutions, advocating for a holistic understanding that went beyond surface-level considerations when ushering in novel initiatives.

“HR leaders must extend their focus beyond ethical considerations, encompassing aspects such as accountability, transparency, and societal impact while addressing challenges related to data privacy, ensure robust security measures, and confront biases within AI algorithms. This holistic approach is crucial in navigating the complexities of integrating AI technologies in the HR domain,” she observed.

Equilibrium between futuristic advancements and human-centric values

Striking an optimal equilibrium between embracing futuristic advancements and prioritising human-centric values is essential for sustainable progress. It entails leveraging cutting-edge technologies while ensuring that the human experience remains at the forefront, fostering a harmonious integration that propels innovation without compromising core human principles and ethical considerations.

Adding another layer to the conversation, Rajiv Jayraman, CEO and Founder of KNOLSKAPE, stressed the deepening dependency on Gen AI. He challenged leaders to grapple with the question of how to effectively regulate this burgeoning technological force. Jayraman advocated for treating Gen AI not as just another employee but as a dynamic tool within the organisational framework.

Reflecting on the unpredictability of Gen AI, he cited the example of Facebook's AI robots being shut down after developing their own language. Jayraman underscored the need for a strategic and cautious approach, acknowledging that, while the possibilities with Gen AI are endless, human intervention and careful handling remains the linchpin for ensuring responsible and effective implementation.

Its adaptability is a hallmark within the organisational structure. Gen AI evolves rapidly, learning from each interaction and staying abreast of the latest technological advancements. This inherent ability to adapt positions it as an agile and responsive tool, readily aligning with the ever-changing needs and challenges faced by the organisation.

Gen AI contributes to a culture of continuous improvement. Through its analytical capabilities, it identifies inefficiencies, proposes optimisations, and contributes to the evolution of processes. This collaborative approach fosters a symbiotic relationship within the organisational ecosystem, where human and artificial intelligence work harmoniously toward common goals.

Today, striking the right balance between human intuition and AI's analytical power becomes paramount, forging a path where technology augments human potential without compromising ethical standards.

In essence, Gen AI transcends the traditional employee paradigm, standing as a dynamic tool that reshapes the contours of organisational productivity, innovation, and adaptability. As organisations embrace this transformative force, they find themselves at the forefront of a new era where the collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence propels them towards unprecedented levels of success.

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