Article: TechTalks: Geetha Prabhu on Women in HR Tech

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TechTalks: Geetha Prabhu on Women in HR Tech

Geetha Prabhu is the Founder of WorkFlexi a platform which provides flexible work opportunities for experienced professionals who are looking to work on assignment, contract, or part time basis. Read her interview here.
TechTalks: Geetha Prabhu on Women in HR Tech

As a follow-up to the list of Women in HR Tech, we reached out to a few of women entrepreneurs to understand the HR Tech space from their point of views.

In this TechTalk, we interviewed Geetha Prabhu – Founder at WorkFlexi to share her journey and her views on HR Tech. If you ever wanted an example of necessity is the mother of invention, you can use Geetha Prabhu as an apt example. An avid traveler who wants to travel and work on consulting or freelance basis side by side, she has converted this into a business proposition. With the expected proliferation of the “gig economy” we think her timing is also right on this one. The WorkFlexi platform is designed to provide flexible work opportunities for experienced professionals who are looking to work on an assignment, contract, or part-time basis. We present here some of her thoughts on the HR technology space.

Geetha Prabhu – Founder- WorkFlexi

1. Please share a bit about your role and a typical day for you.

Unlike an assignment in a corporate setup, the role is never clearly defined for an entrepreneur.  An entrepreneur has to handle every department related to his/her business. A typical working day would entail working on the product development/enhancement, deliberating marketing innovations, designing processes for the office, managing clients’ expectations, to name a few. We do believe in doing a lot of market intelligence to stay ahead in our game.

2. What's similar or different about being a woman in HR Tech?

 I, for one, do not believe in gender differentiation when it comes to a business or an idea or running a company.

3. Your view on the overall HR Tech industry.

 There have been very few innovations in the Tech space. However, in the last couple of years, we do see this changing. People are attempting to bring in tech into HR space. Whether it is touching the right chords or not, is still a question mark. According to me, the main objective of an innovation should be a great deal of value addition and better efficiency of the existing system.

4. Your advice to someone looking to build a career in HR Tech Industry.

 Talk to the stakeholders and understand the need gap in the market before venturing into this space. It is a crowded space. Unless you clearly know why you exist there is no point being there. Understand what is that one problem which nobody is solving currently. Or an already existing solution is not bringing about the desired change. Being a me-too player is a strict no-no.

5. What about the future of HR Tech excites you the most.

There is a lot to be achieved in this space. We need people who are serious about changing the way we work, to back us up. There will always be a section of people who resist change, of any kind. We need early adopters to talk about the benefits of tech in HR space. Coming to me what excites me the most, for a web portal like ours ( there are numerous opportunities for data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, provided we know what problem we are solving.


This is the third interview in a series of four on HR Tech Women Leaders

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