Article: The Journey of Digital Transformation at Genpact

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The Journey of Digital Transformation at Genpact

At Genpact, the focus of the transformation agenda is on delivering high quality solutions to the clients and creating a culture of innovation
The Journey of Digital Transformation at Genpact

Digital is at the core of what we do at Genpact. Driving revolutionary enterprise change comes naturally to us. Lean Six Sigma is ingrained in our DNA. Our heritage of process-driven services across industry verticals gives us the leading edge in today’s competitive landscape. Having started out with Lean Six Sigma, we have evolved over the years, building frameworks like Smart Enterprise Process (SEP) and then following it up with Digital SEP, which reimagines outcomes and enterprise-level processes with the help of design thinking methodologies. Add the power of technology and the insights from analytics and we have the full potential of digital in our hands to enable transformation. And all of this happens with our single-minded razor-sharp focus to drive not just continuous improvement, but disruptive outcomes for our clients.It’sbecausewe succeed when our clients succeed.

So what’s our driving force? Delivering disruptive innovation in our clients’ middle and back offices through the power of Digital SEP is Lean Digital. This unique approach integrates our domain expertise with analytics and technology and bases itself on advanced process-centric digital technologies, design thinking methods and Lean Six Sigma principles focusing on agility and flexibility, and of course, domain. Lean Digital is our key differentiator and as we reimagine end-to-end solutions for our clients’ businesses, this is how innovation keeps us ahead of the curve.

With operations spread across 25 countries across the world and a 70,000+ workforce, Genpact had a simple vision – to be “One Genpact”. In keeping pace with our plans for agile, scalable and strategic growth, we needed to transform our internal IT-enabled operating environment that utilized a myriad of disparate systems and lacked enterprise-wide uniformity and standardization across its processes, policies, and regulations. Pipeline visibility, inadequate and inconsistent CRM data and billing leakages were some of the challenges we were struggling with as we embarked on this journey. Rooted in the same goals that we execute for our clients, we aimed to create an IT foundation that quickly enables significant business growth while managing costs, improving margins, reducing risk, and improving compliance. This initiative is a perfect exemplar of how energy and focus transform challenges into opportunities.

The components of our transformation initiative included overhauling the systems and technology infrastructure, standardizing processes and reporting… and generating more accurate and timely management reports

The components of this transformation initiative included overhauling the systems and technology infrastructure, establishing common enterprise architecture, standardizing processes and reporting, institutionalizing a singular, integrated set of applications, enabling seamless integration of new businesses, aligning technology assets and resources and generating more accurate and timely management reports. While we utilized internal teams to redesign processes, we ensured enterprise-wide adherence to the processes by transforming our geographically dispersed HR shared service operations into centralized Centers of Excellence. Once again we proved that teams work, boundaries don’t.

State-of-the-art applications were brought onto a single platform, cutting across multiple processes like talent management, learning management and employee mobility and expenses management, among others. To reap full value from digital technologies, such as mobility solutions, dynamic workflows, robotic processes, and advanced visualization, we implemented Systems of Engagement™: a thin, agile technology layer that transforms end-to-end process management. Utilizing cloud-based managed services for all its transformed processes has enabled rapid deployment and scalability. Each of these transformation efforts has lived up to and more often than not, exceeded expectations, thus attesting that outstanding execution drives impact. 

Talent management: Replacing seven different hiring systems with a single global recruitment system, we now have an end-to-end process that provides visibility to all stakeholders. Built on a cloud-hosted platform to enable smooth transitioning from talent acquisition to automated employee onboarding, the platform has driven higher productivity, accuracy, and enhanced employee experience through the design of processes and workflow, based on best-in-class HR practices and benchmarks. We have also achieved effective workforce planning by placing a structured and automated process in place for human resources and internal fulfillment. Adoption of the platform has been 100%, the cycle time for onboarding new employees has significantly improved from 7 hours to 50 minutes in India and reporting visibility has led to 40% rationalization of all indents.

Learning management: Enabling talent development through a cloud-based global learning platform is a key HR imperative aligned to our employee value proposition (EVP) of “Learn. Grow. Succeed”. Having a single view of our learning and development world, through a best-in-class, unified and easy-to-use learning management system to enrich user experience was the need of the hour and iLearn responded by addressing the challenges faced by learners, administrators and training leaders. The system is proud to have 95% user adoption.

Employee mobility and expenses management: Whether we are raising a travel request or filing a travel expense report – Concur just made it simpler for us. Easy-to-use with better compliance, visibility and efficiency, the online and mobile application for employees’ travel management saves time, has better budget process control through automation as well as on-demand MIS reporting and analytics. The early adoption figures have been staggering, to say the least – more than 17000 employees have filed their expenses and H1 2016 has already seen 20000+ requests being recorded. Among the other benefits are enhanced first pass yield (35%) and reduced cycle time of travel expense processing (40%). 

The expected bottom-line savings impact from this fast-tracked, IT-driven transformation initiative will deliver an annualized return on investment of 50% over a span of five years. By rooting our strategy in the cloud and leveraging our expertise in technology, process design and delivery, and Systems of Engagement™, we enabled a record roll-out of immense proportion to realize all our goals and set the company on the path to sustainable growth. And all of this has been done keeping in mind our most important stakeholders – our people. Our global talent pool is our biggest asset – we grow when our people grow!

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