Article: The need for a capability-revamp in the HR function

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The need for a capability-revamp in the HR function

As the complexities of conducting business increases, so does the volatility in talent, bringing in a new set of capabilities required for the HR function; but the challenge has been to maintain the core of the HR function and its professional identity while aligning to organizational identity.
The need for a capability-revamp in the HR function
We have hit the ‘circular reference error’ in our capability-workbook, trying to refer to our function’s capability in understanding line-management/business challenges. Historically, the Behavioural school vouched for a specific set of key attributes in people in order to bring in higher productivity through employee engagement, vis-à-vis the Classical school of Taylor’s Scientific Management with its deep (and almost narrow) focus on the job itself and efficient adaptation of employees to work-processes. According to the Behavioral school, it was necessary to have a set of people whose insights had to be deeper and wider than just running the line, by having an independent, equity-based, fair and neutral view of it through the rush and the rigmarole of production and targets. The circular reference error is in the context of the repeated emphasis on the HR function’s ability to understand business interests when the function itself grew out of the ...
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