Article: Book Review: Reality Bytes by Aparna Sharma


Book Review: Reality Bytes by Aparna Sharma

Reality Bytes is a practical ready reckoner for students and young HR professionals of all stages of the HR lifecycle

Reality Bytes – a true ready reckoner by Aparna Sharma succeeds in being a one-stop Human Resources quick-read for students and professionals. The book is structured around the employee lifecycle and gets into detail on the practical aspects of recruitment, employer value proposition and employee value proposition, compensation, HR analytics and exit in a practical and simple manner. Every chapter has a case study for the reader to apply its knowledge and a list of questions to enable the reflection. This section of the book is the most interesting because it helps the reader grasp the concepts and also apply them in their own journey. The book hardly uses jargons and focuses on bridging the gap between theory and practice on HR implementation and talks the business language. It is simple and to the point. A refreshing read, it focuses on demystifying many of the HR processes and provides a guide on how they actually work at the ground level at the workplace. Existing HR professionals can use it in their daily lives to bridge the gap between theory and live aspects of implementation in the workplace.

Book Review: Reality Bytes by Aparna Sharma

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