Article: Green jobs, clean jobs: First green fair kicks off in India


Green jobs, clean jobs: First green fair kicks off in India

While some might consider global warming and the need to bring down emissions as inimical to their business interest, others see it as an opportunity to create new vocational opportunities in the job market oversaturated with conventional jobs. On 24 September, the first green job fair kicked off in India’s capital New Delhi. The three day fair is the first of its kind in India which is one of the fastest growing economies of the world and boasts of having a vast pool of educated young professionals.

Unlike other job fairs however, the main focus of this even is to create awareness among young professionals about global warming and the consequent climate change, it also seeks to highlight the growth potential of green sector and the future need of skilled manpower for related activities. This event has been organized by non-governmental organizations like Climate Project India and Sierra Club and has witnessed active participation by organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Nature First, IFMR and Dalberg who are accepting CVs from those who are interested in working in green sector.

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