Article: Are you ready to launch your leadership suite?

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Are you ready to launch your leadership suite?

In this VUCA world, if at all there can be one voice that could rise above the noise, one hand that could help others to wade through the clutter, and one soul that can uplift the psyche of those being led, it is unarguably that of the Leaders, though they may be still battling the weight the crown exerts on their heads.
Are you ready to launch your leadership suite?
Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” – Shakespeare in Henry IV, 1597. How prophetic the Bard of Avon was just a few centuries ago and it is highly unlikely that he attended any Ivy League school even though the venerable Oxford University did exist at that period of time. If at all what seemed to have happened since then is that the size and weight of the crown has gone up manifold and at the same time, the number of hands that exert pressure on the crown too has gone up drastically too. There have been many debates around the idea of leaders and leadership, and their impact on business, employees, investors, markets, customers, community etc. over centuries. The infinite number of articles on leadership and autobiographies passed on to posterity does confirm the same. Undeniably, such debates and host of research data on successful and fallen organizations and leaders have kept this subject young and contemporary. But the beauty is such that every time we analyze ...
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