Article: CEO as Chief Talent Officer - IV edition


CEO as Chief Talent Officer - IV edition

88% of CEOs reveal that their time investment in talent related activities has either remained the same or increased
CEO as Chief Talent Officer - IV edition

CEOs realize that meritocracy is key to enabling growth and profitability. 53 per cent of CEOs are driving their talent initiatives through their line leaders


Building the organization’s culture, engagement and retention of key talent and mentoring leaders will be among the top priorities for Indian CEOs in the next 12 months

The fact that talent is any CEO’s most important priority is no longer a revelation. This year’s CEO as the Chief Talent Officer 2014 Survey, which is the fourth edition of this study in partnership with, only reinforces the fact that talent has gradually merged into each and every aspect of a CEO’s thought process. Macro-economic factors such as a positive outlook of the international market, a new pro-industry government at the Centre and high growth prospects have all contributed to the fact that CEOs just cannot detach talent from any of their business plans any more. This year’s CEO as Chief Talent Officer Study covers a pan-industry survey among 54 CEOs and Heads of businesses across sectors. The trends present a comprehensive representation of the times to come and whether CEOs are investing enough and investing right on talent. While the previous years’ surveys reveal that CEOs were more concerned about sustenance and business resili...
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