Article: Innovation in leadership development


Innovation in leadership development

Organizations today are intensely focusing on developing their leaders through innovative developmental programs and engagements
Innovation in leadership development
“Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” — Tom Peters Organizations today seek leaders who are adaptive, systemic, creative, critical thinkers who excel in cross-border collaboration, and can take calculated risks. Many organizations are looking for such traits in their leaders and are making substantial investments in developing high-impact programs and interventions that offer the cultivation of such qualities. Innovations in the field of leadership development has seen an outstanding display — from organizations personalizing individual leadership development plans, to democratizing leadership, organizations are now focusing on action learning and cognitive development. Organizations are now giving employees the liberty to explore opportunities to unlock their leadership potential. Along with such initiatives, “Guiding leaders towards a mindset that recognizes that all leadership is about relationships with others”, is so...
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