Article: Top 12 trends: Leadership and Innovation - Smita Affinwala


Top 12 trends: Leadership and Innovation - Smita Affinwala

Smita Affinwala, Head - Consulting, DDI
Top 12 trends: Leadership and Innovation - Smita Affinwala

The definition of leadership development will undergo a substantial change. Leadership development will now aim towards the development of top talent as companies will increasingly realize that they do not have the bench strength for the required growth momentum

The belief that leadership development only caters to the top will change and focus on developing leaders from the frontline leaders where most of the action takes place will become imperative.

A new competency required by leaders at all levels is innovation as they must be able to create a culture that supports innovation at workplace. Often, leaders on their way to the corner office, lose the human touch in managing interactions with people. In fact, the culture of innovation will only stem from effective interaction with people at all levels.

Topics: Leadership, Learning & Development

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