Article: Leadership in turbulent times


Leadership in turbulent times

Global Thought Leader Dr Ram Charan on what it takes to be a leader during uncertain times
Leadership in turbulent times

The business environment is changing so rapidly that we cannot predict anything. What we can do is to teach our people to deal with uncertainty


Dr Charan gave business leaders three tips to think differently: Meet people from other industries, make a quarterly plan and think about the second, third and fourth level of consequences of your decisions

‘The world is my home and I look at work as my dharma’ These were the opening thoughts by world-renowned business guru, Dr Ram Charan, at the Great Lakes Global Thought Series at Gurgaon in mid-January. Dr Charan was sharing his insights on “Leadership in Turbulent Times – Closing the Gap between Promise and Results” as part of the certified Leadership Development Program. The Global Thought Leader Series (GTLS) is an initiative by Great Lakes towards leadership development in India by enabling the best Business Gurus, Thought Leaders and Global Experts to share their knowledge and insights with the decision makers and corporate leaders of India. Past GTLS Thought Leaders include Dr. Philip Kotler (Kellogg), Dr. Seenu Srinivasan (Stanford), Dr. Praveen Kumar (Houston), Dr. Srikant Datar (HBS) and Dr. Shyam Sunder (Yale). Fortune magazine calls Dr Charan “the most influential consultant alive”, with even Jack Welch saying “He has the rar...
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