Article: Meet Seerat Ghuman, Are You In The List 2021 winner


Meet Seerat Ghuman, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Seerat from Mobile Premier League seeks to drive impact across people, culture and society.
Meet Seerat Ghuman, Are You In The List 2021 winner

Seerat Ghuman | Associate Manager - People Strategy & Development | Mobile Premier League

Seerat is a management professional with expertise in the areas of Organisation Consulting, Talent Management and People Analytics. Having worked with large scale MNCs and hyper growth start-ups, Seerat has been able to drive business focused outcomes through data/technology, high ownership, ability to execute and a strong focus on the bigger picture. 

An avid reader and traveller, she believes that there is always ‘one more thing to learn’ and she continues to apply the same across both, my personal and professional journey. 

Seerat is driven by a strong appetite to constantly experiment, learn and adapt. “I am on a journey to continuously become a better version of myself,” shares Seerat.

With an ability to connect and empathise with people from an early age, pursuing a career in the HR field came as a natural choice for Seerat. She shares that she was always intrigued to understand human psychology and how, despite the diversity in thoughts and emotions, organisations were able to unite people and teams to contribute towards a common vision. Her professional experience in her own words has been focused on enabling and motivating the ‘intangible assets’ across organisations. 

A proponent of people metrics and data

Seerat has a strong understanding and bias towards people metrics and data has been a key lever of success across the roles she has played. She has always focused on breaking down complex problems by leveraging the power of data and technology to quantify the impact of initiatives being driven in the people space and link them to the critical needs of the business.

Driving shared vision and high ownership in hybrid workplace: Key priorities

With the shift towards virtual or hybrid workplaces, a critical challenge will be to shape and drive an unanimous culture and high ownership across the organisation. As most of the employee touch points move to a digital world, Seerat feels being able to drive consensus among employees on the culture, values, the expected behaviours/outcomes and a shared vision will be an important and an interesting problem to solve.

The one thing I will retain in HR 

Seerat believes that the role HR function plays in striking a healthy balance between business growth and people experience is very critical and hence, she would want to retain that role of HR.

The one thing I will change in HR

Moving away from the perception that the HR function is primarily focused on execution. While the ability to execute and drive things on-ground is critical, Seeart believes that it is equally important to involve the function up-front on strategic decisions, business changes given the multiple downstream impact.

Leader who can lead through the crisis 

Undoubtedly, COVID-19 has proven to be a time of crisis for organisations where the rate of change is high and ambiguous. In such times, it is imperative to un-create and re-create the structure by building leadership readiness through a CREAT model -  (i) Communication (ii) Resilience (iii) Empathy (iv) Adaptability (v) Trust. Seerat feels this model will be critical in defining a leader’s ability to be able to navigate and lead the org. and its people through times of transition/change without compromising on the ability to deliver impact.

Leadership will continue to be the flag bearers for embracing change and being the custodian for driving the same. It will also be critical to ensure that as newer ways of working, processes, focus areas come into play - the expectations and experience of people is rightly stacked against business growth.

​​The leadership journey with People Matters Are You In The List Awards

The diversity in the selection process of the program is focused on identifying leadership readiness through multiple lenses and modelled on critical skills. “Personally for me, this has been a great opportunity to test and validate my experiences, skill sets and I look forward to gaining exposure and mentorship across the network of Emerging Leaders,” shares Seerat.

Vision for HR's future growth 

To evolve and be recognised as a function that is driven by a strong focus on partnering with the business through the right technology, tools, data and analytics without losing the essence of human centricity.

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