Article: The evolving expectation map between the CEO & CHRO


The evolving expectation map between the CEO & CHRO

Expectation map of leadership team and CEOs in organizations growth journey has moved to the strategic level in terms of CHROs/HRs participation and contribution in re-inventing the organization
The evolving expectation map between the CEO & CHRO
Since the invention of limited liability companies in the world of modern business in 1811 AD, corporates have contributed to the evolution of societies across the globe disproportionate to their 200 years of existence. Trade and business existed in various forms since the beginning of the organized civilizations. Influence of modern corporates is enormous due to their ability to cause continuous disruption and adaptability to change. These organizations by nature keep re-defining their act to stay ahead in the game. The rate of acceleration keeps increasing with changing stakeholders’ expectations and emerging societal values. It also means continuous internal churn to remain contemporary and relevant. In corporate organizations, (apart from others) key influencing human factors in competitive landscape are workplace culture and the work-methods, which leaders keep sharpening to succeed.  In competitive environments, CEO's expectation from HR leaders is beyond transactio...
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Topics: Leadership, Strategic HR, #CeoChroPartnership

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