Article: Virtual recruiting – 7 Practical tips to ride the benefits and conquer the challenges

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Virtual recruiting – 7 Practical tips to ride the benefits and conquer the challenges

While virtual recruiting has already become part of the job for any recruiter in 2021, we list some important tips to ride the benefits and conquer the challenges that it poses.
Virtual recruiting – 7 Practical tips to ride the benefits and conquer the challenges

Recruiters face numerous challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual recruiting, where all parts of the recruiting process is done remotely, has become the norm in most companies. Sourcing and screening have largely been remote even before the pandemic hit but even those stages pose a challenge now with the shift in the job market owing to the increased supply of talent.

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While virtual recruiting has already become part of the job for any recruiter in 2021, we list some important tips to ride the benefits and conquer the challenges that it poses.

Ride the Benefits:

Tip 1:

Invest the saved costs on tech to improve your hiring process.

In-person interviews are a costly affair with costs for travel, accommodation and so on. Virtual recruiting has done away with all these, resulting in a considerable amount of cost saved in your hiring processes.

Channel all these saved costs to smart tools that enable you to cruise through virtual recruitment with ease. A smart ATS (Applicant Tracking System) like Freshteam is crucial to ramp up your hiring process. You can try out the free version!

Tip 2:

Schedule and remind through the ATS – no logistical coordination needed.

“Mark isn’t available in the slot, Shelley, can you do an hour later? Oh, I see… you’re not free during any other slot on Monday. Let me come back with Mark’s availability for Tuesday then.” – This is a typical conversation that recruiters hold and too much time is spent in coordinating for interviews, then interview feedback and so on. However, since travel is no longer part of the equation, remote coordination is smoothly accomplished using technology.

Make use of smart ATS features to collaborate on recruiting with ease - schedule interviews synced with the interviewer’s calendar and send reminders for interview feedback at the click of a button. 

Tip 3:

Reach a global talent pool across multiple platforms.

The talent pool before the pandemic was mostly restricted to the geography of the office and in crowded metros, it’s not surprising that candidates even used to consider the distance of the office from their home before making a career choice. But in the remote work model, recruiters suddenly have access to a much wider talent pool across geographies and even countries, in some cases.

Don’t restrict your search to platforms you know. ‘Be where your audience is’ – this applies to recruiting too. Find out how you can effectively source candidates from Facebook, Meetup, GitHub, Flickr, Stack Overflow and even Instagram through this Candidate Sourcing Bible!

Tip 4:

Increase the productivity of your hiring process through recruiting automation.

If you are seeing reduced productivity in your hiring after switching to virtual recruiting, chances are you are not doing it the right way. Take a deeper look at your hiring process to check for any leakages that need to be fixed. Are you spending too much time on tasks that are mundane and less time on devising your hiring strategy?

With the right tools, virtual recruiting increases the candidate throughput since travel and logistic issues become non-existent. We’ve already told you about smart ATS features that can help you in interview collaboration. But there is a ton of other things that can run on autopilot. Check how Freshteam helps reduce 80% of recruiter workload with its powerful automation.

Conquer the Challenges:

Tip 5:

Subscribe to recruitment software to combat the lack of current infrastructure.

Let’s face it. Some companies took a cakewalk while shifting to the remote working model. But most others barely survived gasping for breath as they struggled to adapt to remote work, considering their tech infrastructure or its lack thereof. 

If your company falls in the latter category, fret not! The answer to remote recruiting challenges is much simpler than you think. Recruitment software that comes at an affordable subscription fee is your immediate way out. Get a free trial of such software or get a basic free version and upgrade when you think it’s the right fit for you.

Tip 6:

Build your employer brand to make up for in-person candidate experience.

Candidate experience definitely takes a hit in virtual recruiting. There are many missing pieces - a friendly office environment, a warm cuppa, a gentle handshake. The candidate might have a more robotic experience with video calls and virtual backgrounds. Hence, the candidate’s perception of your employer brand matters so much more today.

To build your employer brand, you can’t start with the interview experience. Your career website, your social media channels – all these need to project your work culture and employee-centricity. If you don’t have a career site yet and depend only on other platforms to advertise your job openings, here’s how to get started with a career site in less than 5 minutes.

Tip 7:

Get these 3 must-have tools to overcome all virtual recruiting challenges.

Virtual recruiting has a lot more benefits to offer you as a recruiter. However, if you are among the recruiters and hiring managers who think virtual recruiting has made your life tough, technology is the answer that will transform your life. So, if you are struggling with virtual recruiting, know that your shortcut to recruiting success lies in investing in these 3 tools:

  1. Recruitment software or ATS
  2. Video interview software that can integrate with multiple video interview tools
  3. Employee Onboarding tool

Or, you can take the easier route and get smart all-in-one HR software that takes care of all your recruiting needs like Freshteam. With a solution like Freshteam you get:

  • a great collaboration tool to coordinate with multiple stakeholders
  • a seamless virtual onboarding process for your new hires
  • reports to track how well your remote recruiting processes are doing
  • an easy setup in less than 2 minutes
  • an option to use the tool free for life or upgrade

Learn more about Freshteam here or schedule a free exclusive demo with one of our experts on how to take your virtual recruiting to the next level.

We hope this article helps you to take a more focused look at your virtual recruiting process and directs you to take the needed steps to be successful at virtual recruiting.


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