Article: How predictive HR analytics can provide competitive edge to business

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How predictive HR analytics can provide competitive edge to business

The need for HR to understand the importance of data, metrics and Analytics, and utilizing it to accelerate and drive business outcomes is critical
How predictive HR analytics can provide competitive edge to business
Talent is in short supply and this fact is globally relevant today. High turnover, soaring competition between organizations for talent and challenges related to employee engagement have forced organizations to adopt technological interventions in finding insights into what the talent wants and how can organizations effectively manage,attract, retain, engage and motivate employees who can optimize and drive business decisions. This is the time for datafication of HR and this holds the potential to alter the dynamics of the industry forever as it not only provides HR a pivotal role in driving key business decisions but also impacts the bottom line directly. Organizations today realize that it is imperative for them to comprehend and have standardized, systematic and precise insights into what actually matters to the business performance, especially its workforce. Statistics, data mining and predictive/workforce Analytics have caught the fancy of the CEOs, CHROs and leaders today are ab...

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