Article: Bots making hiring touchless: Rewarding both job seekers & recruiters


Bots making hiring touchless: Rewarding both job seekers & recruiters

In recruitment, Robots or BOTs as they are called, are rapidly taking over routine tasks such as resume screening, scheduling, conducting interviews etc.
Bots making hiring touchless: Rewarding both job seekers & recruiters

Advanced use of digital technology is pervasive across all realms of life. There is hardly any area of life or business operations that has remained untouched in the modern age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In fact, if someone from the 1980s were to time-travel into 2019, chances are they would feel as if they have entered the visuals of a sci-fi film.

The technological adoption has been so widespread that at times you could end up feeling left out of the modernization process. In recruitment, Robots or BOTs as they are called, are rapidly taking over routine tasks such as resume screening, scheduling, conducting interviews etc. 

As a recruiter, you might think, “Am I dim with technology or have I missed the technology bus?” 

Truth be told, it is neither. First of all, we must do away with the myth about Robots replacing humans. Moving away from the hypothetical scenario of machine invasion, the Robots are not humans, and they can never become humans. In an industry like recruitment, the processes and standardization of activities has effectively turned recruiters into mechanical beings who keep going through the same steps every single day. 

BOTs in Recruitment

That’s why BOTs are now entering this sector, to replace our mechanical versions in the stressful and time-consuming operations of talent recruitment industry. A lot of companies have spotted this problem and are now using BOTs to take care of their talent acquisition and onboarding activities. Organizations that hire a lot of people on a frequent basis are automating the process by integrating one-way video interviews, cognitive assessments, analytics and reasoning abilities etc. The whole process is quite simple actually. The robots ask questions pre-decided by hiring managers to the job seekersin the language options selected by them. The whole process is video recorded and these recordings are watched by the recruiters as per their suitability and they accordingly decide to hire or reject a candidate. The integration of advanced technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, allows companies to conduct psycholinguistic analysis driven by eye-ball movement , expressions, tone and rate of speech, vocabulary used etc during a video interview. All these parameters lead to a personality assessment of the candidate and this evaluation proves crucial in finding the ‘best fit’ resources for the company. Additional technical assessments are also done by using these BOTs. This mechanism enables recruiters to view interviews of only the recommended job seekers, as identified by AI in the video interviewing process.

Hence, the BOTs are essentially turning the whole interview process into a completely TOUCHLESS activity. 

Benefits for Job Seekers

This digitally powered hiring process has not only simplified work-life for the recruiters, but, has also benefited the job seekers. They are more than receptive to this new way of being interviewed. The biggest benefit for them is the flexibility. They don’t need to travel to a physical office location, thus, saving them time, money and effort. Secondly, since the interviews are asynchronous in nature, they don’t need to commit any time slot with the recruiters. The job seekers can take up the interview in the morning, afternoon or even at night as per their convenience. This also gives the job seekers genuine and unbiased chance of making the cut to their dream job. Based on the outcome of successful interviews conducted by BOTs, the following key points have emerged which can help a job seeker get an edge in a one-way video interview:

1. Read all the instructions given with utmost care

2. Dress up formally; the way you would if it had been a face-to-face interview

3. Smile is your best tool,display a positive demeanor throughout the interview

4. Erect and attentive body posture at all times

5. The body language must exhibit confidence

6. Always maintain eye contact with the screen at the camera level.

Hence, it is important for the candidate to be well-informed before they start their video interviews.

Relevance of Recruiters

At this point, the question arises about the relevance of recruiters. When the entire process is conducted by BOTs then what is the role of the recruiters? Are they needed at all?

Here is your answer: Talent hunters can’t and won’t become irrelevant. Machines andBOTs are here to boost efficiency, not just to save time and expenses. The modern and futuristic CEOs and CHRO’s are well-versed with this fact. If we answer the 4 questions shared below, the answers will reveal that all the concerns of the recruiters are addressed by the questions themselves:

Q1: Is there really any utility in reading CVs which usually contain bogus information?

Q2: Does the act of making calls to prospective job seekersand schedulinginterviews really add any value to the knowledge of the hiring managers?

Q3: As Talent recruiters, don’t you think that carrying out so many transactions with such arduous working hours and lack of appreciation for your effort, is worthless?

Q4: Wouldn’t it be better if instead of such routine mechanical tasks, you apply your skills by handling the critical and more strategic elements of the recruitment process that need human TOUCH? Don’t you think you would be more valuable in areas like salary negotiation, continuous engagement with the job seekersafter the offer & focusing on providing a fabulous on-boarding experience to new hires?

So what do you think as a recruiter? Are you still stuck in the ‘to do or not to do’ conundrum?


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