Article: Where Are The NextGen Techies? Hiring From Hybrid Talent Pools To Solve Organizational Talent Demand

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Where Are The NextGen Techies? Hiring From Hybrid Talent Pools To Solve Organizational Talent Demand

The need for next-generation techies is fueled by Web 3.0 and Metaverse but, there is still a shortage of qualified workers across many industries as a fierce rivalry in the modern digital employment market carries on.
Where Are The NextGen Techies? Hiring From Hybrid Talent Pools To Solve Organizational Talent Demand

Tokens like cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as well as concepts like the "Metaverse" and "Web 3.0," have become ubiquitous across popular cultures in 2022. Web 3.0 has the potential to alter the internet's future fundamentally. Currently, Web 3.0 is being acclaimed as a movement that is attempting to dominate the internet, by creating opportunities for customized virtual work environments in the future, virtual reality simulations to support better learning experiences for learners, virtual tourism, and much more. And in this new world, data is no longer being held in the hands of centralized organizations but will be stored on blockchain networks and owned by the users themselves.

Furthermore, by incorporating Web3 technology enabled through blockchain (like NFTs and Cryptos), the future of Metaverse will be similar to the real world and even dare to replace some real-world activities. Hence, the need for next-generation techies is fueled by Web 3.0 and Metaverse but, there is still a shortage of qualified workers across many industries. This is corroborated by a recent report by Xpheno which cites that active job openings for techies with Metaverse related skills such as AR/VR, Blockchain, and AI have seen an 8%  – 18% increase in the last three months, with hikes going up as high as 80%. Therefore, how can companies focus on Metaverse, source the right talent, at the right time and meet this aggressive demand?

upGrad offering the latest skills for Working Professionals Across Tech Disciplines

Thanks to rapidly evolving new-age technologies, the tech industry is now one of the most promising places to find a job. While technology careers continue to be appealing to many youngsters for various reasons, chief among them would be the high starting salaries, high demand for specific job roles, and numerous opportunities to make an impact in a field of their choice. Moreover, with the onset of the Metaverse and related technologies, the interest across niche domains of AR/VR, Blockchain, and NFTs is surfacing prominently, thereby driving up intent and interest for upskilling across such courses.

 In an effort to maintain the balance between the supply and demand for skilled tech talent while improving the Gross Enrolment Ratio (GER), upGrad is dedicated to developing a highly specialized talent pool for in-demand professions such as Blockchain, Data Science, Software Development, Computer Science, Full Stack Development, and Cybersecurity. As an added bonus, the higher edtech leader has teamed up with prominent global academic institutions to offer certifications across these domains. The new programs are designed for professionals with a deep understanding of the subject matter who are looking to improve their career outcomes and results while getting a chance to work in the most innovative fields.

A Diverse Talent Pool With Techies Skilled In The Latest Technologies

When it comes to training and finding jobs for learners, upGrad upskills working professionals and freshers to create a varied talent pool of techies who are up-to-date on the applicability of the latest technologies. Moreover, upGrad courses help keep up with the constantly growing technologies. Professionals in fields such as Web Developers and Network Architects, Cybersecurity professionals, Information Security Analysts, Systems Analysts, and Cloud Architects. There will be a growing need for IT experts with skills in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Project Management in the future.

Utilizing upGrad Placements For Top-Tier Talents

While the Edtech company is creating the right talent pool for the overall industry, it is also ensuring that organizations are getting access to the best tech talent through its placement vertical upGrad Placements. As a one-stop-shop for a highly qualified and diverse talent pool, organizations can hire from upGrad Placements, based on their real-time talent demands without incurring any charges. upGrad Placements leverages data as the most powerful asset to help firms improve their hiring practices especially when they have fewer resources and lesser budgets. With smaller teams, tighter resources, and increased expectations for performance, today's recruitment process is complex. Investing in hiring is not an easy option to make in these uncertain times. Hiring through digital media is becoming more common as companies seek new methods to engage with potential employees. Employers can opt for upGrad Placements as opposed to traditional staffing firms to find and hire top-tier employees throughout the year, free of charge.

upGrad Placements: Upgrading Your Job Search, Resolving The Employment Crisis

Organizations can use upGrad Placements as a one-stop-shop to bridge the gap between information and access in the job market. Pre-empting industry needs, upGrad has created a mechanism wherein they upskill learners in the latest domains and then ensure that their learners get placed across the best organizations. upGrad does not believe in a siloed approach to talent sourcing but believes in creating the skilled talent themselves. This is how they are meeting the increasing need for Big Data Engineers, Data Scientists, Product Engineers, and Digital Marketers. In fact, the upGrad Career Report cites that the career hikes achieved by upGrad learners were in the range of 180% - 450% for technical roles alone, between Q1-2021 and Q2-2021. Moreover, there was a 57% increase in upGrad's career transitions and a further 13% increase from Q2-2021-2021-2021.

 In order to maintain a talent pool that is prepared for the future, companies must provide their employees with a combination of functional, technical, and behavioral training. Using upGrad Placements, employers have access to a comprehensive career platform where they can locate the best candidates by reaching out to the right people. Employer audiences benefit from the organization's assistance in aligning the right personnel with the organization's resource needs, reducing attrition, and optimizing hiring expenses.

The fierce rivalry in the modern digital employment market makes opting for upGrad’s technical courses increasingly important for NextGen Techies. Consequently, graduate-level technical courses are a great method to gain new expertise and move up the career ladder!

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