Article: How organizations are redefining rewards


How organizations are redefining rewards

A look at how organizations are rethinking, redefining and transforming their rewards framework and providing convincing value proposition to its employees
How organizations are redefining rewards
Rewards are essentially about the employee-employer relation and how external and internal factors play on motivation and engagement of the employees. From aspects like compensation, benefits, professional & personal development, flexibility and achieving work-life balance, organizations are leaving no stone unturned in trying to achieve workforce engagement and motivation. From knowing what is meaningful to the talent to developing sophisticated reward approaches in tune with employee expectations, employers are rethinking their strategies to align rewards with business objectives and employee requirements. Increasing planned investments on wellness, coaching/mentoring, culture and recognition, organizations have started to calibrate and realize the importance of implementing and communicating rewards policies to the employees. The total rewards landscape has been transformed and disrupted by changes within the business and economic ecosystem. Rewards are now looked at holistic...

Topics: #RedefiningRewards, Compensation & Benefits, Benefits & Rewards

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