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Have the freedom to choose

This Independence Day, organizations can set themselves free from boring gifts with new-age digital solutions that combine convenience with flexibility, making it easy to offer their workforce an option to choose anything, anytime, anywhere.
Have the freedom to choose

Freedom lies in being bold – Robert Frost

The month of August has a special place in the hearts of all Indians. To those of us born long after India became independent, having never had to deal with the yoke of ‘foreign rule’, the concept of freedom and the importance of Independence Day may be a little difficult to grasp. After all, the impact of a reality experienced is poles apart from something which we have only heard about, read or seen on our TV screens. Yet no one can deny the fervour which imbues the country on August 15th – the celebrations marking the day, the hoisting of flags, the echoes of patriotic songs paying homage to both the country and its defenders/warriors. 

While August is the month for celebrating the freedom of our country, it is also a period for celebrating other kinds of freedom. Freedom does mean different things to different individuals. It may mean freedom to express oneself, to raise a voice, to make a difference in lives. It may mean travelling where one wishes, eating what one relishes or wearing what is comfortable, without the fear of being judged. It can entail not having to worry about the next meal, or having a roof over one’s head, or having a regular income, or the next harvest. Freedom may be materialistic or altruistic; freedom is having space, sharing an opinion, losing prejudices, being non-judgemental. Freedom is simply being true to oneself. And for the youth, freedom translating to flexibility at workplaces is perhaps the most sought-after employee benefit.

August is also the month of other festivities like Raksha Bandhan that celebrates ties of love, and numerous other religious festivals. Is it any wonder then that commercial enterprises across India wait for August with eager anticipation? August, in fact, marks the beginning of the busy period for most retailers and sellers, with festivities spreading cheer all across. 

Giving and receiving gifts is a very important part of these festivities. However, gifting is an art, and finding unique, personalised gifts isn’t always easy. More often than not, the gifts, especially corporate ones, are impersonal, staid pieces, which we may not even like or use. And sales are synonymous with discounted prices, long lines and crowds at shopping counters, trial rooms, and billing desks. Emerging victorious after hours of pushing and pulling and squeezing through the throngs of people at various offline stores is a harrowing experience – certainly not for the faint - hearted. 

Why not then be free from boring gifting? Or from long lines at check-out counters in offline shopping? Why not switch over the new-age gifting solutions? Or recognition solutions? Millennials, in particular, want and seek the freedom to choose, be it the gift or the rewards. New-age digital solutions, such as the Sodexo Premium Pass, combine convenience with flexibility, making it possible for employers to offer their workforce, customers or even external stakeholders, the option to choose the what, when, where and how. The flexibility of using it across platforms, the convenience of anytime/anywhere across a wide-spread network of offers, with the added option of personalisation make such solutions a boon for employers who are seeking to empower their employees with a hassle-free experience. These solutions are also an answer to the logistic nightmares, especially of companies with large number of employees, as they can be made available to the employee digitally, at the click of a button. And employees benefit from being able to use them online, at their leisure. So why wait? This August 15th, opt for Freedom from boring gifting. Opt for the new - age digital employee gifting solution


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