Article: Nurturing a corporate-ready generation through sports in education

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Nurturing a corporate-ready generation through sports in education

Government's proposal of sports inclusion in schools can enable a comprehensive development of country's young talent

Major organizations all across the world acknowledge the value-add that sports infuse into their initiatives for team-building, leadership development and overall business performance.

As the new government is determined to make some significant positive changes, one of the bright propositions floated across is to include sports in the school curriculum. The new Prime Minister has stressed how sports can play a vital role in improving the overall health and intelligence of the populace.

Inclusion of sports in schools would not only promote physical health but also trigger strong social and emotional development of the younger lot. This would surely enhance our future talent pool in terms of their fitness not just physical but emotional.

UNESCO in 1978, passed a charter claiming physical training & sports as a fundamental right of every individual for full personality development. The new government of India is also set to launch a ‘National Sports Talent System’ which will promote Indian sports, providing a large number of people, an opportunity to engage in constructive activities.

Various researches show that individuals trained for sports turn out to be excellent assets for an organization as well, as they come equipped with life-skills and lessons on philosophy, responsibility and honor. Researchers have further related sports education directly with decreased delinquency and increased dutifulness. These attributes are also the most sought after in many corporate roles.

There’s no denying that if this government proposition is executed properly, the new generation of India would be much more efficient and corporate-ready.

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