Article: Do you know the most in-demand skills in Ecommerce?

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Do you know the most in-demand skills in Ecommerce?

There has been a monumental shift in the landscape of work and talent acquisition in the past one year. The COVID-19 pandemic presented recruiters and aspirants across the country with a complex situation. While it meant lost opportunities for some, it also meant massive demand for others.
Do you know the most in-demand skills in Ecommerce?

The  talent-acquisition trend in 2021 is certainly influenced by adversities encountered in 2020. A positive side of this, however, is that there is also an opportunity accompanying this adversity. Companies have changed their outlook towards the hiring process, and many are increasingly adopting virtual-recruitment technologies. There has also been an increased focus on diversity and inclusion. For many organizations today, geography is not a constraint. Nevertheless, it would be safe to say that the current juncture  marks the beginning of remote-to-hybrid work, virtual recruitment  and onboarding, among others.

The e-tail and the social e-commerce industry is no stranger to these changes. The industry has embraced these changes and recruiters have become more experimental. Recruiters are taking the opportunity and encouraging diversified talent to join their industry. While out-of-the-box thinkers, people who show resilience, and people with tech talent are always in demand, we take a deep dive and look at the key skills that has gained salience  in e-tail/ social ecommerce industry in the recent times:

Forensics and cybersecurity

To briefly explain, cybersecurity is the science of digital forensics that helps one track hackers, retrieve stolen data, provides digital evidence and helps one investigate the main cause of an incident. It is also the stream that helps in pre-empting a possible hack and building a protective firewall. In recent times, aspirants who are specialized in digital forensics have been in demand in the e-commerce and social commerce industry. It has become vital to hire talent who are highly skilled in this niche to ensure protection of consumer and company data, two entities that are vital to the business. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A skill set that very few people know about, but plays a huge role in managing the operations, is Enterprise Resource Planning. Professionals skilled in ERP ensure that an organization runs smoothly. Be it the supply chain, finances, services and manufacturing, they  have the ability to put down a clear KRA and also enable in identifying the challenges in the operations and above all improve the efficiency of the organization.

Blockchain expertise

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that has been gaining a lot of attention since the past decade. Right from data structuring to cryptography, blockchain entails an array of niche skills that are very high in demand due to its vast scope of application. Recruiters always look for people who have a skill set to navigate this new technology. There are lots of options to look for, right from Blockchain developer to quality engineer to solution architect.

Customer relationship skills

Most e-tail/ social-commerce companies are looking to hire retention specialists, who, as the name suggests, keep the customer base intact. In a cut-throat market, with every brand competing for customer’s attention, a retention specialist does the hard work of keeping the customer loyal to the brand in whatever way they can. The ideal skill sets for this role would be excellent persuasion skills, proactiveness in identifying the woes of the customer, and relationship-building. They have a challenging, yet an exciting job of making sure that customer experience is delightful and as hassle-free as possible.

Community building

Customers are an organization’s greatest asset. A community builder in many ways ensures the organization has a solid growing customer community. They are at the epicenter of managing all things operational and are skilled in aspects of business development and marketing. They are creative, strategic, and analytical and know how to leverage social media. These skill sets are  in high demand in the social commerce industry as community-building lies at the heart of the business.

SEO knowledge

Organizations are always ready to hire  people who are skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.   The internet technology industry needs specialists who have the skill to develop apt content that can have a positive impact on SEO. Domain knowledge, coupled with great content skills, programming and analytical skills, constitute some of the most important qualities required to be an SEO professional.

Interpersonal skills

Perhaps one of the most overlooked, yet crucial, skills that employers look for in new hires  is interpersonal skills, synonymously known as people skills, or emotional intelligence. These skills are something every individual should work on, now more than ever. Having a positive attitude, communicating well with a team, and, most importantly, being empathetic are key in  a job role today, and they are as important as the technical skills required for the role. 

The future of work is in the hands of those who possess domain skills as well as soft skills. But most importantly, the real game changers would be those who are willing to upskill and match the ever-changing landscape of work. No matter what industry you work in, it is important that you master the skills relevant to your job role and keep up with the developments. A little resilience, and willingness to learn can go a long way. Good talent will always be in demand, and that is something that will remain constant. 


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