Article: Skilling needs of tech industry in 2022


Skilling needs of tech industry in 2022

Kavita Viswanath, General Manager of JFrog joined us for an episode of People Matters Podcast. In the episode, she discussed the future of the tech industry and the skilling needs of the employees pertaining to the needs in 2022.
Skilling needs of tech industry in 2022

“I would say that the skill gap is something that is going to be in the market, no matter what, because there are also newer technologies coming up as we speak,” said Kavita while elaborating on the everlasting skills gap in the tech industry. 

Kavita adds that hiring freshers becomes a challenge for the big players because the academic curriculum gives them theoretical experiences. However, to contribute to work, a quick problem-solving capacity is needed which calls for practical experiences too. But she also added that freshers come with hands ready on the latest skills unlike seniors, and this calls for a blended approach of assigning fresh candidates to the projects where they can apply their tech knowledge as well as problem-solving ability. According to her, working on a project doesn’t only mean working on new technology but also applying innovative ideas to the present ones which call for senior employees’ expertise too. 

Concluding the discussion, Kavita said, “If you take your career seriously, you need to be two steps ahead of where technology is you need to be completely in sync with where the industry is moving. What are the skill gaps that you have as an individual and what is it that you want to build your future technology universe is vast. And if you don't identify your niche or your spot there, it's very easy for you to get lost.” 

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