Article: Book Review: Connecting in the digital age

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Book Review: Connecting in the digital age

Dale Carnegie & Associates' recently launched 'How to win friends & influence people in the digital age', reveals the many ways Carnegie's lessons still remain relevant in the present context

The new version of Carnegie’s landmark classic “How to win friends & influence people” is a meaningful and fascinating read for all those, who are interested in better communication for both professional and personal reasons. It is an inspiring account of how to connect with others, irrespective of the medium of communication that is being used.

Carnegie’s advice on how to communicate, lead and work efficiently remains priceless across the ages,even though the means of communication have transformed drastically. The innovative way in which Dale Carnegie & Associates has now intermingled contemporary examples with the original ones, adds a refreshing element to the entire content, without taking away the original essence.

The indubitable success factor of the book, just like its original version, is that it motivates the reader to do things, which are subconsciously present, but are consciously ignored more often than not. The book is packed with loads of thought provoking and inspiring elements, which compel the reader to sit back and reflect on many aspects. It talks about the essentials of engagement, discussing what matters the most, leaving others a little better and taking interest in the interests of others. The classic was first published in 1936 and in its latest version, it emphasizes on the simple fact, that no matter how significantly the world has changed since then, the basic purpose of communication remains pertinent. Communication has not transformed, but the digital age has simply accelerated the pace. The book continues to propagate the principles of niceness and that of not criticizing or condemning others.

It is all about people, both at the micro and the macro levels. There is a lot that can be learned from the life-changing rich content. The book portrays a harmonious blend of all that matters in productive communication. It throws light on the use of social media, the importance of giving encouragement, the relevance of listening, smiling and being courteous and selfless. It revolves around the very obvious underlying notion that in order to change someone’s attitude towards you, it is essential that you change your attitude towards that person first. The book teaches one to make the best of every situation and this is done in a very simplistic and comprehensive manner.

The reader is left with an overwhelming feeling of inspiration, which was one of the reasons behind the unmatched success of the original book. It is a self-help book in the sense that certain elements overpower your thought process and encourage you to introspect.

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