Article: C2C: Campus to Corporate-Book Review

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C2C: Campus to Corporate-Book Review

The book presents two interconnected frameworks: 7C and 3S which enable individuals to keep up with the demands of a new job and help managers and mentors to engage and nurture the fresh talent out of campus.
C2C: Campus to Corporate-Book Review

Campus to Corporate, co-authored by Commodore Dilip Mohapatra and OD Consultant, Swati Karve, offers an excellent roadmap to the new entrants to the corporate world to keep up with the ever-evolving demands of a corporate career.

The transition from college to a corporate environment is a big adjustment for many graduates. Expectations and responsibilities in the workplace are very different than those in the college. The book is developed as a manual to help them sail through this paradigm shift by providing an in-depth understanding on how these new professionals should differentiate and react to the culture, learning, conflict, competition, etc. at campus and corporates. 

The book explores the seven C framework that discusses the dimensions like culture, capability, commitment, cooperation, conflict, and credibility. The authors have wonderfully explained each and every aspect by providing conceptual relevance and applications in a corporate career. Each chapter is supported by case-studies, metaphors, infographics, etc. Just like the frameworks are essential for both the individuals seeking jobs and wishing to pursue a successful career. The author suggests it is critical for organizations to respond to the new demands keeping in mind the same 7C and 3S framework for engaging and nurturing the new talent.

The transition from college to campus can be jarring. Transitioning from the clarity of campus life to the uncertainty of the post-collegiate career chase can be tough. However, expecting these professionals to swim through this uncertainty all by themselves might not solve the problem. The book Campus to Corporate is not limited to helping the emerging professionals, but it provides excellent tips and strategies for mentors, trainer, and managers who are looking ways to onboard a new joinee fresh from campus or mentors at college who wants to prepare their students who are moving into the professional world.

About the authors:

Dilip Mohapatra, a Navy veteran, took premature retirement from the Indian Navy in the rank of a Commodore and joined Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to pursue his second professional career in 2000. During his corporate journey of more than a decade, he worked as the Global Head of HR Sourcing as well as the Global Head of Learning & Development at TCS, Director of Tata Management Training Centre, and Global Head of Learning & Development of Suzlon Group of Companies. He is also an author and poet.

Swati Karve is an OD Consultant, instructional designer, facilitator, counselor and faculty in Psychology and Management and works in US and India. She designs and facilitates training for leadership and management development, personal effectiveness, professional development.

Title: C2C: Campus to Corporate (A career navigation manual)

Publisher and year:  Author Press, New Delhi, 2018

Authors: Dilip Mohapatra and Swati Karve

Price: Rs 595/-

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